Lock the Door. And Hope they Don’t Have Blasters

CCP has come out with the Dev Blog on the initial changes to hybrids and tech II ammo.

Reduced fitting requirements for all turrets.  A minor decrease to CPU, and a 12% decrease to powegrid.  Buy your Hyperion’s now folks, that Dual-Rep Hype just got FILTHY.

The 20% tracking speed increase is on the agenda as well.  So you can fit more and bigger, and are far more likely to hit.  This change alone makes blasters far more competitive in EvE Online.  Railguns get a damage boost.  My Daredevil will like this a lot, however I don’t see it being earth shattering in the scheme of things.

The really interesting thing is the ship changes.  There’s some disagreement on whether or not Gallente ships need a boost themselves, or just blasters.  I’ve been advocating a boost by changing their mass.  CCP Decided to just boost velocity and inertia.  This will allow Gallente ships to charge in close to use their blasters.  One of the biggest problems for armor fleets is controlling range enough to use their weapons.  The shortest ranged weapons on some of the slowest ships (High mass + armor tanks = SLOW) meant that a poorly led armor fleet could end up being slaughtered like cattle by more agile opponents, and even well led fleets had severe limitations.

These changes will go a long way to changing the paradigm followed by small gangs.  Faster, harder hitting Gallente fleets supported by the newly Scimitar-like Onieros will see a lot of experimentation against the current gangs, and the current role of king of the Battlecruiser may shift from the Hurricane to the Brutix, or even the Talos.

Larger fleets might not see as much of a change.  Range in massive, lag inducing fleet fights is hard to dictate, and a fleet warp that puts part of a fleet at 0 might have other ships in the fleet out of optimal of half the ships using short range ammo.  The utility of Scorch is undiminished by this change, and most several range gun ammunition types even got a boost to tracking.

I think the “losers” in this are actually the Caldari Hybrid boats.  The Blaster Eagle (Beagle) is going to still be outclassed by a Hurricane although it will be less irrelevant for sniping.  The Caldari boats tend to run into Cap issues when snipe fit, and the lack of any change on this front could result in some pain for them.

In all these changes will require a re-evaluation on how people fly in smaller gangs, and most definately an increase in the number of Gallente boats in fleets, whether it will cause things to swing too far remains to be seen.  I think that some of these changes might be adjusted up or down, and I still think Scorch will get nerfed in the future, but that remains to be seen.

What about Major Kong?

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