Would you Kindly

Imagine if CCPs hamsters died tomorrow.  They had the game engine, but all the character data, all the accumulated wealth, skills, assets, and alliances were gone.  You log into EvE and get a message “Dear Player, We fuxxored up royally, in return we will either refund your money, or grant you X amount of free playing time,”

In response most players opt out, leaving EvE on the raggedy edge.  A wild frontier where people can’t afford to start a corporation, let alone an alliance.  People cannot afford cruiser BPOs, let alone BCs or BS.  Whole corps mine in Bantams for days to build cruisers for their best players, market hubs are slow to develop, many won’t be in the same place.  Jita, without agents, belts, or the simple access that made it a market hub is replaced quickly by Dodixie as the main hub.

The first months see extremely limited market activity, people train up characters and alts, specializing for more than their counterparts in the first EvE.  Corps horde their goods, stifling market growth as community activities are required for even the simplest acquisitions.  6 months in, battlecruisers are vanishingly rare, and the wealthiest have scraped together enough for a battleship.

This kind of “Wild West” scenario appeals to some players, and is anathema to others.  I am pretty sure I would play on if this happened.  Heck I would love it.  Many people who refuse to play because they “Can’t catch up” to the established players in skill points might flock to the game while some of the oldest, established “bittervets” might take the excuse to walk away.

So I ask, would you be a pioneer of the new New Eden or would you write your own epitaph and step offstage?


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Oh I would definitely play on, I loved the game when all there were was cruisers and battleships to fight in, where it took you months to earn enough for your first battleship. The situation you are describing would be like a rebang of the universe. Would definitely be playable and fun. Though I would miss my 85m skill points

  2. I’d stick around for sure. Every fight in null would be frigate gangs for a bit, then destroyers, and so. It’d be like watching the game evolve all over again, except I never got to see it the first time.

  3. Vincenzo DiFrancesco

    I’d be down for that. Once I get over the initial depression. 😛

  4. it would be awesome… best thing that could happen to the game actually.

  5. I use on character with no alts, and have done so for 6 years. I don’t know that I could just start again with a new one

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