EvE’s Future Vision

A while back CCP Released a trailer called “EvE:  A Future Vision” which features practically no spaceship action.  Of the two and a half minutes, about 75 seconds is Dust, another 60 seconds is Walking in Stations, and the remaining 15 is Spaceships doing Space things.

I’m not a huge fan of Walking in Stations, but I’m not completely opposed to it, developed in parallel with Flying in Space.  Parallel.  As in “At the Same Time” not “Instead of.”  However I believe the focus of EvE will remain what goes on outside the stations.  I do think some things will change as the game goes forward, but the game will stay in space, with activities that are all menu driven for now will move to station.

I imagine a “Zocalo” like from Babylon 5, with the market booth, LP rewards vendor, and even Mission agents having offices where, if you choose, you can talk to them in person, like in most MMOs, however, should you choose to keep it to the Neocom, you can stick to that.  In addition there will be an elevator leading to “Establishments” whatever those end up being, as well as the Hangar bay, Captains Quarters, Dockside Lounge, and Manufactory.

Hangar Bay will take you to the view we all know and love, where you can spin to your hearts content.  Captains Quarters will be a slightly modified version of the CQ we have now.  Dockside Lounge is something players have wanted a long time.  A window to the outside world where you can see who and what is waiting in the immediate vicinity of the station.  It might not have full overview functionality, but I can see monitors like the “Arrival/Departure” monitors at airports showing who is out there, and you can highlight one of the other to see who is in what, and where they are relative to the undock.

The Manufactory is where I see things getting really “neat” you come out of the elevator on a gantry, and for each factory slot you have an open “bay” to build things.  Looking down into the bay you can see what is being built.  Partially completed depending on how far along your build job is.  I’m really glad I don’t have to program it but imagine seeing a Carrier, or Dread slowly taking shape.  Heck imagine a missile launcher or a turret, or some unfathomable internal component.  Of course the amount of artwork that would be required of the art department might be enough to enrage them far enough to put me in the witness protection program, but totally worth it.

Research Labs will be on the same level and most likely rather less exciting.  Probably just watching This guy:

He Works for YOU!

Slowly work his soul into oblivion.  Again everything that you can currently do from the Neocom can still be done from there, but there will be fun and somewhat interactive ways to do it, and in the case of Industry, watch it happen.

In fact when you refit in the hangar bay you might be able to watch components fly off, and be replaced.  As long as no time is lost, I’d find it amusing.

Next I will talk about how to make mining less soul crushingly dull.

What about Major Kong?


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