What Good is an Alliance?

So I’ve found a Highsec alliance to sit in, mostly for Incursions, though there will be some pvp going on if I have anything to say about it.

One of the biggest issues I have with an alliance is figuring out what it really gets someone who isn’t in Nullhsec or Wormholes.  Obviously you need an alliance to have anything to do with Sov in null.  In addition anyone living out of a POS, whether it be lowsec, wormholes, wherever, will want an alliance for people they want in the POS but not in the structures.

For people who live entirely, or mostly in Highsec an alliance is more a social grouping than a functional one.  There is no game mechanic requiring it, although it does offer some protections from wardecs the ease of making isk has caused even that benefit to lose much of its status.  Currently the defensive value a bunch of carebears gain by forming an alliance to shield themselves from a wardec is a whopping 50 million isk.  While this may dissuade some corps most will not flinch if their wardec is anything but completely casual.

A “carebear” alliance, that is, one that is motivated by isk making, can often be replaced, in part or in whole, merely by setting blues and a pub room for working together.  While this doesn’t accomplish everything an alliance is asked to do, it covers the majority of things carebears are looking for.

I will admit I am somewhat biased against alliances.  My own history with them varies from bad to laughable.  My personal corp has a history of War & Pestilence (A joke) Ignus Mortuus (dead) Vae. Victis. (staggering along) Disciples of Crom (dead) Free Worlds Alliance (Ditto) as well as personal trips with CoW (Dead) and Legiunea R0mana (Dead dead dead.)  Obviously my own take is a little colored.

I do like the current alliance.  It has an interesting mix of people, some real surprising knowledge for what they do, and we have fun.  Hopefully we can get some more PvP going, but I’m tired of being a major driving force.  I want to join a PvP roam that I didn’t organize and FC.  I guess the biggest reason to join an alliance in Empire is finding a leadership structure you can work with, without sacrificing the distinct nature of your own corporation.

What about Major Kong?


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