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New Dev Blog today:  http://www.eveonline.com/devblog.asp?a=blog&nbid=3029

Focus of this one is POS towers.  Now I’ve used one, and my contribution to upkeep was mostly sending the poor bastard fueling it isk every couple of weeks.  These changes make life simpler for people.  They also make faction towers more expensive.  The writer of the Dev Blog, CCP Greyscale defends this by saying: “We talked to some large-scale starbase operators about this, and they told us that the main bonus of faction towers for them is actually that they last longer between fuel cycles.”  Well that may be the reason they bought the towers in the first place.  Small scale operators buy them for different reasons, convenience is a factor, but the main one is that they cost less over time.  Up until the recent goon price fixing fiasco our nice little Shadow Tower was quite comfy to run, and had already paid off the expense of acquiring it.  Now it will cost as much as the others.  I’ve got two potential solutions.

Instead of 4 blocks, make it 9 per mfg run.  Regular towers use 3, 6, and 9 blocks / hour respectively.  Faction use 2, 4, and 6.  Now they use 2/3 of the fuel of the regular towers.  Option 2 is a bit more elegant and allows CCP a very finite control over how much fuel is used.  Regular towers run on a 1 hour fuel timer.  Faction towers don’t.  They run on a 75, 80, or 90 minute timer depending on the faction, and how much fuel CCP wants to see burned.

Now this devblog is an early version of the POS Fuel Pellet experiment, and it has already changed once, going from 8 pellets in Soundwave’s video not even a week ago, to 4 now, so there is good reason to believe things will change further.  I encourage people to make your voices heard on this.  A nerf to faction towers will have an effect on many small manufacturers who rely on them for industry and cause things to cost more.  Raising the fuel cost of these towers when it is not absolutely necessary based on information from a tiny, highly biased sample of the POS running population is a pretty poor decision and hopefully will get changed.

What about Major Kong?





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  1. Ya that was my argument too. They are totally nerfing faction towers. However its also interesting that the sov bonus isn’t mentioned either. Before this goes live they will have to retool it a bit.

    But OMFG FINALLY! So much less work to setup and keep running. According to some calculations, the fuel is a bit cheaper also. But OFC this comes at a time when PI is about to be nerfed, possibly sending PI made POS fuel through the roof until people adapt.

    I have to agree with you though, people need to say something about the faction towers. I don’t know who CCP was talking to but it obviously wasn’t somebody who actually uses them.

    • Well if it’s people filling 40 + towers a month, the problem isn’t that they don’t use them, its that they don’t use them the way you and I might. When you have to fill dozens of towers you want to do it as rarely as possible. Yeah saving money is nice, but not having to do it more than once a month is a LOT nicer. It looks like CCP said, “Well 50% of the towers are controlled by 5% of the people, so we will ask them rather than the 95% that own the other 50% to save ourselves some time.”

      Anyway I suspect they will realize their mistake, they’ve been much more receptive to player input lately and the solution isn’t more difficult than the current changes they are making.

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