My PvP is Better than Your PvP!!!

Every time a battle report comes up, be it Highsec, Lowsec, Wormhole or Nullsec there are always chestbeaters and trolls saying “Go to XXX and get some real pvp!”  Whenever Hulkageddon rolls around, the miner’s always whine “If we wanted to PvP we’d go to XXX”

Now I know that feeding the trolls is the last thing you want to do, and that even this blog/article/rant might be considered trolling in and of itself but…

PvP is PvP and nearly every action in EvE is PvP.  EvE does stand for Everybody vs. Everybody after all.

I do a lot of different kinds of fighting.  I can flip.  I can bait.  I flat out steal cans in my battle badger.  I gank miners.  I engaged in hisec wardecs.  I go on lowsec roams.  I camp wormholes, gates, what have you.  I’ve spent time in null in huge fleets and tiny ones.  I’ve gotten kills in everything from failfit T1 frigs to failfit carriers.

I’ve engaged in Market games, wormhole site raiding and Incursions.  Don’t think those are stealing?  My profits came at someones expense.  It may not be as fun and dramatic as as well run roam, but when you lose a contested vanguard site the other side misses out on a chance at 110 million or so isk in highsec, plus the LP!  Of course I still refuse to say GF in local, preferring GC.  If it was a GF there’d be blue explosions and looting!

People who don’t like the act of griefing miners (mostly the miners) whine that pvp should be in lowsec.  Funnily enough people in lowsec generally say the same thing.  When a big fight happens in highsec (rare I know) all the nullsec people laugh at them and tell them they should go find some real PvP.  To this I say:  How does a battle like THIS really require more skill than THIS?

In the first case over 600 people got in a fight.  One side completely dominated the other because they brought a better fleet.  The pilots, once they arrived on grid, just locked up targets and fired.  Goons had my side THOROUGHLY penetrated with spies so our FC, backup FC, and emergency FC went down leaving poor Corelin in his Brutix (2nd ship of the day) calling targets.  So I get some of the blame for that mess.  Yay me.  *sigh*  In the second fight we laid a trap for some wartargets.  My bait/gank Domi warped in on them, got aggro, the curse and remote rep domi landed and we set up shop, killing all three hostile ships.  Numbers were even, there was no neutral RR, our fits were better their ships were more expensive.  This required not just the planning to force a battle but the skill of the players to make it happen.  Vincenzo had to be on the ball with neuting and tracking disruption, K’hallaek had to maintain reps, cap and do damage, and we had to spread points, webs, and focus damage with a lot fewer assets in play.  In the first case if Goons had even 1/3 of their fleet shooting the wrong thing, it wouldn’t have made a difference, they had the numbers to really do a lot of damage, and all their sentry drones were assisting one guy who was doing practically all of the damage, leaving them free to remote rep.  If one of my guys had been shooting the wrong thing we’d have lost my domi (which was at 2/3 structure at the end of the battle) and possibly more.

So don’t tell me that nullsec PvP is the best or only place for real pvp.  I know most of the 6200 members of Goonswarm spend almost all of their pvp time in big fleets where they could bot the whole thing and it wouldn’t make a difference because individual skills are practically ignored.  People like UK or AAA that maintain active small roams might have some credence to saying they do “real” PvP, but even they ignore the legitimacy of other types.

At the other end of the scale of… well… scale… there’s ganking.  It is mean, low down and brutal.  I’m not bitter about losing my hauler with 6 lokis in the cargohold….  But if you don’t think it’s legit PvP look at the price of Gall Isotopes.  Goons have been ganking for weeks now to drive up the prices… and it’s working.  And for anyone who think’s nonconsensual PvP is mean, you consent to PvP when you hit the undock button.

For my money you don’t get much scarier than Rooks & Kings.  When I know we are near their territory I keep one eye WIDE open for that [HARK] ticker.  They’ve been in Low, WH, and Null and I don’t think anybody does it better on a consistent basis.  PL of course is nobodies fool, and go ahead and wardec Snatch Victory in highsec.  They don’t make mistakes and they win a LOT of fights.

So the next time you chestbeat, or whine about something not being “Real” PvP remember, there’s many, many, types of PvP out there

What about Major Kong?

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Well said, I have had my share of hs wars, null sec sov blobs, solo pvp when you used to be a lento do it, but I now prefer small gang roams. Just got ganked tonight on a gate camp in ec that should have never got my stealth bomber before I jumped, but I got a session timer on decloaking and couldn’t jump. It’s all fun shooting in the face or getting shot in the face. It’s a game and more people should realize that.


  2. Vincenzo DiFrancesco, Belt Police Commissioner

    Hear hear!

    I know I’ve told Corelin about this. But to share the joy: I got involved in a discussion about HICs with one of our alliance members. He was trying to tell another member who was fitting out a new T3 that his interdiction nullifier will not let him get past HIC bubbles, only the other types. I tried to correct this matter, telling them my experience with the interaction of these two items says otherwise. [I am a HIC pilot and used to play gate-keeper while my corps’ nullifier-fit T3s would go through without incident.] This guy decided to try and show me up with his HUGE killboard, demanding to know what “my experience” was like.

    Oddly enough, I kept my temper. Then I decided to sift through his massive kills. He apparently spent some time in nullsec flying in massive blob fleets. Most of his kills came from his great piloting skill of shooting broadcast targets until the other guys finally got around to blowing him up. But there were two things I caught onto after going through them:

    – No killmails where he flew a HIC.
    – No killmails where he flew a T3 cruiser.

    I think my experience trumps on this matter. 😛

    My killboard records don’t boast big numbers. I’m sorry I don’t do the “real PVP” of blob warfare. But you know what? I have a pretty solid ratio, a strong array of tools I’ve shown a proficiency in and a number of kills I’m rather proud of. [I have a number of kills akin to clubbing baby seals too. But hey, sometimes you can’t be picky. 😛 ] I do what I enjoy. Fuck anyone who thinks it’s worthless shit. That goes double for my asshat alliance brother.

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