Some people need to look around and find out what they are doing before they try doing dumb stuff.

Case in point:  Bad Boys Hard Boys set up a POS tower in a friends wormhole.  FFS people don’t do this kinda shit without talking to the inhabitants.  Some people will let you set up, or help you find a more suitable home.  Some will just blow you up.  It’s nicer when you haven’t set up everything.  So now I’m shooting this abomination:

FFS people, really?

Most of it was never onlined, half the stuff that got onlined didn’t have ammo, and the damage it was doing was so anemic that we stopped caring and had the basis just put on energy transfers since they couldn’t crack the shields of our armor fleet.

Never mind all the ships they lost over the course of the day setting stuff up.  >.<

How could they have avoided this? maybe? is a GREAT guide.  Really you can google “Eve Online Wormhole Guide” and look at the first page.

Let’s see what the “Guide to Everything Wormholes” has to say about Missile batteries.

Missile Batteries. This is to include Cruise, Torpedo and Citadel Torpedoes. They may 
be slow but have massive damage. The problem with these is that when your POS goes 
into reinforced mode they STOP WORKING. This means that at 25% shields your 
enemies can just sit there forever and hit what is left of your defenses for free

Ouch.  They left out the anemic, cruiser level DPS, miserable speed and sig.  Yeah it’s downright terrible.

So we have some really terrible POS setup, ignorance of WH politics, and now I am shooting at a POS that I am fairly sure has no stront.

What about Major Kong?

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Except it had stront …

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