Cautiously Pessimistic

Maybe it’s the Eastern European Jew in me, but I’m feeling a bit paranoid today.

Maybe it’s my lofty sense of self, but I think CCP is taking things too far.  Again.

A new monument has been seen on SiSi.  I may not be the most religious man on Earth, but seeing it reminds me of a passage in the bible.  First:  The picture.

The new Jita 4-4 Monument

In Genesis 8:15-16 God tells Noah that he is making a covenant to never again flood the world and the symbol of that covenant is to be a rainbow.  Now leaving aside that God has many, many other ways to destroy mankind, from fire and brimstone to plague, to nuclear armageddon, to global warming to informercials, the combination of a hugely visible symbol and a promise is stirring.

This monument represents CCP’s promise to listen to their players.  This promise was borne of CCP’s actions in ignoring the outrage they created and the fiscal fallout that contributed to CCP firing 20% of it’s staff last month.  In response we have many great steps taken by CCP to redress what players see as inequalities in EvE.  This has resulted in the features list for Crucible that covers nearly every aspect of EvE.  In addition there are the changes of the last few weeks that I feel wildly neutral about.  The trend towards reducing, and, I feel, possibly eliminating PvP in hisec is very alarming.  In addition the rumored change where Drones will be getting bounties and will no longer drop “Drone Poo” changes many, many things in EvE.  Suddenly the best way to gather T1 materials is… mining.

Let me go back a bit.  Currently the best way to get minerals is to rat in regions where the Rogue Drones are the faction of choice.  The 2nd best is to run level 4s and obsessively loot and salvage drones.  Coming in 3rd is mining.  Take drones out of the equation and suddenly Hulks become much more popular.  On a completely unrelated note:  Hulkageddon is coming.

Back to the topic.   When Aralis resigned from heading CVA (and left the game) he whined that CCP didn’t listen to him and ruined the game for him and all of CVA.  New Eden laughed at Aralis and hoped the door hit him as he walked out.  EvE Uni, in the new New Eden whined that hisec was being ruined for carebears, and CCP listened.  Hopefully the same New Eden that taunted Aralis will call on CCP to reconsider.

Mission crashing (to the extent of actually killing the mission runner) has become harder due to the Orca nerf.  Incursions are safer because you get a warning before you rep someone with an aggro timer.  Now suicide ganking is soon to become harder to do thanks to the elimination of insurance payouts for suicide ganks, helping haulers and miners, now mining will become CRITICAL in the absence of drone poo.  Wardecs have been nerfed HARD due to the campaigning of EvE-Uni.

All of these changes are things that players demanded.  CCP caved on every single one.  I stumped for one of these, and cautiously support another, but the cumulative effect of all these changes is severely detrimental to the game.  Highsec is in danger of becoming a consequence-free zone of carebear bliss.  Without consequences EvE becomes a very different game, and the road from carebear to PvPer becomes long, wild, and the motivation to drive that road disappears.  The best thing that happened to me in EvE was getting griefed by canflippers and the buried by CHFOR.  Without those experiences I never would have tried PvP, and without the teaching and mentoring at the hands of TRAPS I never would have kept with it long enough to get good.

Now players are being robbed of the chance to fail.  To see their own ship get blown up because of the spineless changes CCP is making.  Yes CCP made a promise to listen to players.  That doesn’t mean they give players the keys to the car.  Populists don’t do well because they don’t use their own head judgement.  Admittedly CCP has shown miserable judgement lately, and I do applaud much of what I see in this expansion.  What concerns me is where do they go.  Do they continue to make hisec safer?  Do they focus PvP improvements on Null while low withers?  Will Wormholes ever see any iteration?  Will I ever be satisfied (Probably not)

What about Major Kong?



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  1. The problem as I see it is that CCP, as a business, needs hard currency. Fast. They need new subscriptions. According to Bartle’s Designing virtual Worlds, (, most of the player base in EVE Online is overwhelmingly
    made up of Killers. To increase subscriptions and bring in the other types of players, those that are not Killers, i.e. Socialisers, you will need an absolutely safe area and we are already seeing the first steps. I would not be surprised, if in 18 months, High Sec becomes a mandatory PvP Free zone. After all most MMO games have one.

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