Quantifying Success, Giving Thanks

It is the time of year for us Americans to give thanks for the past year, for our family, for our friends, for our achievements, and for some that our suffering has been as limited as it has been.  In EvE I am thankful that CCP seems committed for the moment on making it a better game.  I am thankful for the tools that I use, EvE-HQ, Teamspeak, Mumble, and the people that provide them free of charge to me.  I am thankful for wordpress and for the viewers of my blog, who make this such a rewarding task, and I am thankful for the banners from Rixx and Sassy B.  Most of all I am thankful for my friends in-game who make it worthwhile to log in almost every day and enjoy this universe we have helped shape and create.

So I’ve been thinking about my success in EvE.  How I measure it, and how that measurement drives me.  As a PvPer I measure my success by my corps efficiency (this is not a good month for that) as a leader I measure it by how many of my members log in, do things with the group, and especially learn to be better players.  As an older player I like my shiny toys, being able to acquire and fly expensive ships is both fun and rewarding, and keeps me logging in and even doing things I don’t like to do (like crazy amounts of PvE.)  So how do others measure success, is it killing the white whale?  Finding someplace unique and amazing?  Getting into that awesome ship you have been drooling over?  Drop a comment and let me know how you measure success, and how it drives your play.

What about Major Kong?

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  1. Here’s how I measure success in PvP:
    Did I live? Yes = 100%, No = 0%
    Did I kill at least my weight in ISK? Yes = 50%, No = 0%
    Did I ruin alot of people’s day in the short term in one go? Yes = 100%, No = 0%

    Example: when I drop a bomb and explode 33 rifters AND get away clean despite being pointed, I feel pretty good about that. 250% success rate.

  2. “let me know how you measure success, and how it drives your play”

    Its funny you would mention this. I was having a debate as to what exactly I was working for ingame.

    Force a pilot to eject from a vagabond and steal it while flying a frigate – Check
    Ransom Vagabond pilots with a rifter – Check
    Make a billion in total ransoms – Check
    Get into the top 10k on Battleclinic – Check

    That’s all the goals I set and amazingly achieved them in a very short time. Now I honestly have no real reason to keep playing. Pretty much done everything other than research BPOs. Need new goals maybe to help me get back into the game like I used to be.

    I am thankful that Eve Online is still going. Without Eve, I would be lost. Also thankful I’m not homeless IRL.

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