I Hate Tea Anyway

So it took less than a day for my glorious and brilliant predictions to come crashing down.  Well played CCP, well played.  The one leg that CCP cut out from under me right from the beginning laid in how PI materials being lifted from the planet were being taxed.  Under the old system PI mats were taxed at a rate that was set and fixed.  Now the rates seem to be set similarly to the insurance payouts of ships.  That is they are set against actual market values.  This higher tax rate is doing murderous things to the profit margins of players running PI in empire.  So much so that many are choosing to exit the market.

I still think that the most significant portions of the PI market don’t happen in highsec, but the market appears to be rather inelastic.  A small change in supply is driving demand quite high.  Meanwhile many lowsec, nullsec, and WH PI people have spent the last day or two shooting at the stupid NPC customs houses (I may be biased, our WH didn’t have caps to aid the process along)  which means mats probably haven’t headed to market much in the last couple of days.  Speculators have probably had some influence.  Now anyone producing in null, WH, or lowsec will probably end up paying a much lower tax rate (after a substantial initial investment in getting the gantries up) but a corp in an alliance that sets them all up, charges it’s own members 0% and it’s alliance 1% will make a very healthy profit, and aid it’s alliance in making a profit while getting it’s own investment paid off very quickly.

And now plexes get cheaper.  /me sighs.  There’s a few things to account for this, first a surge in accounts re-upping, which would explain some of the spike, but surely not all of it, second some interference from CCP, which I doubt we would see confirmed, and third the realization that a massive isk-sink had just entered the game.  Customs houses are not static, especially in the more easily accessible non-highsec areas customs houses are  extremely vulnerable.  A gang of 20 or so battleships or even a couple of caps can rip them up in a half-hour or less.  Heck we had 6 or 7 people in the shiny new battlecruisers plugging away for an hour on each incredibly dull but not terrible if you can get a good fight out of it.  Customs houses will be destroyed quite frequently and the need to replace them will be the new “PI tax” not the NPC rate or even the alliance rate.

This will stem some of the rampant inflation that has started to hit the EvE markets as new isk faucets are turned on.  The rebalancing of nullset sites will bring some more isk into the game, but won’t balance the loss of isk that the initial nullsec nerf represented, and the stealth nerf to drone region sites, making them harder to farm safely, will cause a reduction in isk and reduce the amount of materials in the market as people refuse to do it in favor of different occupations like PI with it’s shinier prices and running incursions.

What about Major Kong?

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