Finding Good PvP

PvP in EvE is a nervous mistress.  Unless you want to Leee-roy yourself and maybe your friends into a blob you have to take some time to set things up, find a fight worth fighting, and score the actual kills.  Fancy Hats deals with this a couple of different ways.

  1. Can Flipping.  Might be amateurish but somehow carebear tears are the best tears.  Pickings are getting thin though as mostly miners have wised up or gotten out.
  2. Wardecs.  Incredibly pointless these days with CCPs changes to the system.  The joke from Monty Python may be “Come and see the violence inherent in the system,”  Joke is on the people doing violence now.
  3. Lowsec roams.  Doable in small gangs these days.  More and more people are devoting more and more time to incursions.  Some fights end up being ambushes or whelps, and mostly you get blueballed.
  4. WH yarring.  This one is growing on me.  I am not a big fan of blind man’s bluff.  Das Boot is more fun to watch than to act out, but as a total R&K fanboy I will admit that the new video has made me more willing to do it, and god knows that I’ve spent enough time bailing friends out.

Today I had a fun little fight.  Not greatly satisfying as I broke all kinds of rules to get it but meh.  I flipped a can in Tunttaras from a guy with 5 or so friends in local.  Normally I am very careful to NOT do that, but it’s been a while.  I move to about 30 or 40 km off the can and orbit moving fast in my navy slicer.  I love lasers, and small and fast is the way to go for canflipping. 

I wait for a few minutes, doing BC checks on the guys in local old enough to scare me.  Finally after several minutes a Ferox comes in and puts drones out.  He locks me and sits there.  After a couple more minutes a Kestrel comes in and does the same.  I know these guys are talking it up in corp, trying to come up with a good plan.  Timer is counting down, so I set a tight orbit, lock up the drones and both ships.  Yay for 4 targeting slots. 

FINALLY the drones attack and the Ferox goes red.  Nos on him, point on him, start chopping at drones.  Tracking is kinda fail but I’m still killing them.  Get to about 2/3 armor before he runs out of drones and the Nos is keeping my cap happy even though the Ferox is Nossing me.  The kestrel went red at some point, he did not like my L4ZORS!!!  Then I turned to the Ferox.

I like the Ferox.  It is a very tough, capable ship that gets a terrible reputation because it is not easy to use well.  It is not a particularly forgiving ship for low-skilled toons though.  I suspect that my victim was not highly skilled, and even though his fit wasn’t terrible other than the railguns, it was not suitable for the task at hand, nor up to the challenge.  His tank was stubborn, but quickly overwhelmed, and his inability to harm me made the conclusion forgone unless his friends came to help.  They did not and his ship disappeared in a brilliant blue explosion.  Melios offered a pithy comment about the inferiority of highsec PvP and my lack of nobility.  I made reference to the fact that I am the CEO of the Fancy Hats corporation.  Nobility is a bit much to expect from me. 

It was a somewhat satisfying fight.  Melios and his friends could have blobbed me, and killing a sturdily built ship offers some satisfaction.  All in all fun was had, and by me. 

I'm using it every time I can

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