So like most PvP folks I obsess over my killboard.  My personal one, my corp one and (when I can be bothered) my alliance one.  There are positives and negatives to paying close attention to your killboard.  On the plus side you can catch members of your corp doing dumb things, like ratting in lowsec, mining in lowsec, or being idiots with failfits.

One of the big things leaders tell their minions flunkies  mooks PILOTS! is “Don’t chum the waters,” also known as “Don’t draw fire,”  “Don’t show your ass,” or “Don’t be a jackass, jackass.” Once people know that there are morons missioning in a certain system in carriers, or mining in belts in lowsec or what have you, life will get much busier in your corner of non-highsec space.  Ask Mayhem. and Blind Octopus about their new friends in Tuskers and Shadow Cartel.  (Blog post with awesome video courtesy of that most loveable carebear in all of EvE:  Hellcity Boston Helicity Boson)

So paying enough attention to your killboard to keep yourself from attracting sharks is a good thing.  Also:  Don’t get whelped by one of the most notorious bloggers in EvE.  You couldn’t get me in Aridia on a bet right now.

However you can obsess too much over them.  Last month Fancy Hats had a very poor month efficiency wise.  37% bad.  That’s like, apathetic carebear territory.  However it happened in a month where, due to low activity and even less PvP we had 27 kills for less than 700 million isk.  Already this month we have 920 million just futzing around.

When you spend too much time analyzing stats you become risk-averse.  I know I have gone on the record, especially on Ripard Teg’s blog Jester’s Trek about not getting into stupid fights, and I do believe that you shouldn’t enter a fight you aren’t confident of winning, however there’s a different between fighting smart and being so risk-averse that you never undock.  Last week I declined a fight because we had fewer ships, no ECM, no logi, and somehow we were wimps for declining the fight.  Frankly without ONE of those you shouldn’t fight.  Two would be better.  0?  WOW did I mess up the planning on that one.  On the other hand CVA just ran away from a fight that I was fairly certain was going to end with me in a pod bouncing gates hoping no one was sitting on one in a smartbombing Rokh.  We got two kills, they got a tower and some POS mods.

Back to my actual point.  I was using my killboard as an excuse to avoid fights.  Not because I can’t afford to lose the ships, but because I was worried about my killboard.  How disgusting.  Time to fix that.  FETCH ME MY CUTLASS AND PARROT!  What?  Well put 10,000 volts in him.  He’ll “Phoom!”  LOAD THE CANNONS WITH BARRAGE AND… well after SW:TOR and the Holidays are over I’LL BE TEARIN APART THE REALMS OF EVE!

What about Major Kong?


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  1. Yes I lost a few shiney’s myself last month took the whole month to make it back to where I was in ranking on battleclinic, sheesh lose 1 overly expensive ship and I lost roughly 50 places overnight. Now that didnt keep me from pvp’ing the rest of the month, but I doubt I will be buying a replacement Black Ops battleship anytime soon. Though the next night there were 61 people sitting in aunenen on a titan waiting to hot drop us (blood in the water)

    For the price of that ship alone I could have lost 50ish battlecruisers, now I dont want to be too risk averse myself, but i think we could have dropped carriers more effectivly on the trap laid for us and come out ahead rather then losing 4 ish black ops ships in 1 battle.

    Fly Well

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