EvE, WoW, SW:TOR and MMO meta changes.

So what with the Holidays starting and all I haven’t had much time for EvE.  Added to that my computer has been VERY wonky and I’ve had more time for thinking and looking than I have for actually getting in game.  Stupid RL.

So my friend Hex from Don’t Stand in the Fire brought something to my attention:  This.  It represents a complete dumbing down of the game to the point where I cannot see how the high end players are going to like this.  The cookie-cutter will get even simpler and the min-maxing will be so obvious that even the simplest players will all have the same build as the geniuses, and the people that want to try different things will be handicapping themselves and it will be obvious that they are doing so.

EvE is too complex.  Ripard Teg is trying to figure out the Meta levels of T1 mods.  I think that those naming conventions are great as they are a HUGE drive to training T2 and who cares if T1 Meta 4 is actually better I can’t figure out which one it is.  EvE is taking steps to make things a little more straightforward without losing difficulty.  WoW is dumbing things down.  A lot.  Part of the reason is they have to dumb down isn’t the talent tree.  It’s the “Spell book”  Power Proliferation is a huge problem.  I’m not going to go into it too deep here, but they are responding to the fact that people have too many choices not by reducing the confusion over the choices, but by making them for people.  It would be like EvE saying “Well people are having trouble understanding meta mods, so we went ahead and did away with all the  extra meta mods, Faction, Deadspace mods and officer mods, so now there’s 1 T1, 1 T2, 1 Faction, 1 Deadspace, and 1 Officer choice”

That isn’t what people want.  Yes EvE needs to get simpler but they can simply name things differently.  WoW can handle it similarly by getting rid of powers it doesn’t want people to use rather than making their talent system Hello Kitty Online material.

SW:TOR has been a lot of fun.  Of course I have time to write this blog because it’s over a 1 hour delay to get into my main’s server, but it is what it is.  SW:TOR has me thinking a lot about the point of games.  The point of EvE is PvP.  Every action and choice you make affects the game for other players.  It helps some and it hurts some.  Trust me.  WoW is endgame raiding based.  As you can hear on Zero Punctuation you want bigger numbers to get rid of the enemy numbers so you can get more numbers.  You get the idea.  The only real PvP happens on the markets, and from what I hear it actually gets rather cutthroat.

Yes I know there’s arenas and crap.  You think I care about PvP where, when you die, you respawn with exactly the same gear and get a reward at the end of the match even if you spent it all sucking and bouncing off trees?  Screw that.

SW:TOR is story based.  Yes there’s WoW-esque PvP, and there’s even some endgame content that I expect to be min maxed to a joyless pasionless waste of time long before I bother to hit max level.  There’s a story too for people who are too lazy to pick it up.  In fact there’s 8.  One for each base class.  Let me say that again.  Bioware has 8 stories each of which will take you dozens of hours to play through.  In one game.  Try getting that much play time from a game.  Add in the MMO staples of “PvP” and raids and dungeons and you might find it to be quite a deal.  I know it’s already cut into my EvE time a bit.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. I’ve always said that WoW PVP is like kissing your sister. You have as much on the line as you would playing in your typical online FPS.

    In fact, most MMOs as games are kinda crap. Once you get past the glory factor of the graphics and story you usually end up with a game where you grind to get stuff to grind tougher stuff to get better stuff to grind tougher stuff, and on and on, until the next paid expansion makes all that stuff irrelevant. I only play WoW anymore to hang out with people that I like. And, honestly, I’m not sure how much longer that will hold me to it. I had considered breaking when the next expansion comes out. Now I’m not even sure I want to wait that long. It would at least save me $15/mo.

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