Leadership Capital

One aspect of EvE that many players don’t understand very well is how leadership works.  There are many aspects to leadership and today I’m going to comment on one of the more important ones.  Leadership Capital.  Leadership Capital represents both the quality and effort level of the leaders in a corp or alliance.  A lot of effort by poor leaders doesn’t really help, and a little effort by brilliant leaders isn’t of great use either.

To put it another way, imagine you are at a party, and the only alcohol there is 40 cases of Mad Dog and Night Train.  Not a party a lot of people are going to want to go to.  This represents a whole lot of poor quality leadership.  Somewhere there’s people that think this is fun, but it’s not a great mix.  Now you leave that party, and find another.  This one has exactly one bottle of REALLY great whiskey.  Everyone is clamoring around the bar, trying to get a drink, and when it’s gone no one knows what to do.  This represents having a great leader who doesn’t put in much effort.

There’s a lot of middle ground, and there’s a use for everyone.  A couple bottles of the good stuff can make the mad dog more palatable.  By the same token the mad dog can cover up some tasks that don’t require fantastic leaders.  Mining ops for example.  I’m reasonably certain everyone reading this has been in a corp or alliance where you knew your leaders were great, but they just weren’t there.  By the same token I’m sure everyone has been in a corp where the leaders were mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers who couldn’t log off long enough to let something get going.

As a leader there are many levels and types of activity.  There are people who lead fleets in pvp, there’s people who lead mission ops, there’s people who run incursions, and wormholes, and mining ops.  There are also people who organize the corps and alliance.  Forum warrioring is actually quite important for leaders as it gets activity up and channels activity into whatever is furthering alliance and corp goals.  Recruiting is another activity that doesn’t tend to draw a lot of attention but is utterly vital.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do about leadership.  You can take a swing at it yourself if you feel you have enough time and ability, or you can leave your corp if your needs aren’t being met.  However you still owe it to yourself to understand the concept.  Leadership Capital is simply the quantity and quality of energy that your group has available not enough and people get bored looking for something to do.  Too much and people might feel smothered, although recruiting and wise leadership giving subordinates something to do isn’t usually a bad thing.

And yes I will be writing and playing more frequently in the New Year.

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