So 2011 is almost done.  It was a good year but I’m certainly ready to start a new one.  A new year grants new opportunities, new friends, new allies, new enemies, and new ships to destroy.

While we wait for that we reflect on the year that has passed, and so I shall do the obligatory “My Favorite Posts” post.  This will also serve to show off what I feel is my best work to the folks that Ripard has so kindly led here from his blog.

Assumption of Risk – My philosophy of EvE comes head to head with many of the changes CCP has made this year.

Unholy Rage Indeed – Comments on the Summer of Not-Love.

Carebears with Fangs also have Legs – Probably my most famous post, due to links from other bloggers, and a decent analysis of the fall of NC

The Slow Burn Continues – I show off my clever accounting skills.  And foreshadow a lot of CCPs announcements that they made due to fiscal issues.

Sov, Sov, Sov – I like this one.  You don’t have to.

My PvP is Better than Your PvP – Where I whine about people whining about PvP.  I may revisit this one now that all I see on SW:TOR is people whining about THEIR PvP.

Money Making Methods – One of my first posts, and still one of my favorites.  Opportunity Cost in EvE.

HOLY FLEURKING SCHNIT – The Boundless joy of my first capital kill.  (Now with Video Hawtness)

I Hate to Say “I Told You So,” No… Wait… I Love to Say It.  It’s Why I Blog – The less depressing part of me being right about CCPs cash flow issues.  The more depressing was the mass layoffs.

How Is You Being Dumb My Fault – Because fair fights are for maroons.

Have a happy new year.  Fly Dangerous.  Score Kills.

I'm using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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