My PvP Really is Better than Your PvP

So I’ve been playing SW:TOR a LOT lately.  Rather like many I suspect.  I have fiddled with PvP.  Normally I don’t PvP in Theme-Park MMOs.  A few times in the deep, dark WoW days.  Never in LotrO.  Once in Chamions.  Never in City of Heroes.  You get the idea.

So I have thus far departed from my normal “Why Bother” approach mostly to see what it’s about.  It’s not actually bad, despite what the forums say.  But there’s something missing.  Consequences.  NOTHING happens.  In world PvP, there is literally no point at all to killing someone, except to keep from getting killed.  You jump some Jedi on Tattooine he’s going to respawn and call his buddies.  Take a wrong turn on Belsavis and you are a re-spawn away from continuing your adventure.  Apparently on Ilum (the end-game planet) the objectives are simply captured in turn by each side to let people finish their daily quests and get more gear.  PvP is actually discouraged because it keeps people from accomplishing their quests.

Well that’s just silly.

In EvE keeping you from doing what you want to do is not only a regular occurrence, it’s practically a fact of life.  Denial of resources has even caught some major press lately, such as the goons “Mittens Shrugged” campaign.  In addition when you kill someone in EvE they lose something.  When you take a series of objectives, especially in a WH or Null, they are taken until someone else kicks you out.  None of this “Good Game, see you next round Imperial Swine!” garbage.

Even SW:TOR pokes fun at itself with it’s huttball gameplay.  Huttball is a game kind of like Football.  More like Blood Bowl actually.  Two teams, one ball, two end zones, lots of traps.  Flames come from the floor, acid pits.  If you have a pull and a stun up you can usually kill someone REAL fast.  The goal of the game?  To provide a big fat beast some entertainment in it’s basement.  And the Hutt enjoys it too.  I’m sure there was absolutely no satirical intent in the creation of huttball, but it does seem rather a side shot at a LOT of MMO players, and at the PvP community especially.

That’s not to say it’s bad per se.  However PvP in SW:TOR is rather limited to a hobby for most people I should imagine.  EvE is where the hardcore PvPers will stay.  After their holiday.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Back when I played WoW I lived on a PVP server. World PVP was actually fun! Surprising I know but it was, that battlegrounds crap wasnt very fun though IMO. Guess I like 1v1s and 1v many fights better than many vs many. Same deal with guild wars. Those little battles with like 3v3 random matches were pretty good.

    The best PVP i have ever found was Ultima Online (Pre UO:R). Killing people wasnt as simple as killing some mobs to be able to go into town again… 8 hours per kill logged in to remove it. I think this is why I like eve, because even though they are very different genres, they are very similar in many respects. When you died in UO, you dropped everything so people using high end magic weapons/armor were good targets. You could even get a boat and pirate on the sea hahaha. good times.

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