Biggest Change Evar

Let me preface this by saying I’m not going to get into the politics, demagoguery or the asinine way that the individuality of the CSM candidates has been hidden by “The CSM”

I blow ships up.  Sometimes.  And when I see some things it makes my eyebrow raise.


The Drake: The CSM and CCP both acknowledged the need to rebalance the Drake, which ‘does
everything too well’. CCP is considering giving it a more offensive role like a Raven or Caracal where
it would lose the shield resistance bonus and the 5% Kinetic damage bonus and instead gain a rate of
fire bonus and a missile velocity bonus. The CSM vehemently approved of this idea. CCP and the
CSM also agreed that this possible change to the Drake would help add more uniqueness to the
Nighthawk, which is presently overshadowed entirely by the Drake.

I am on the record as a man who does not like the drake.  I respect it.  Don’t get me wrong.  But it’s the easy button ship.  While some people find failfits for the thing, there’s so many cookie cutter fits that I’d have to link every letter after “failfits” to get them all in.  Currently it boasts a battleship-like tank, with both buffer AND regen given its native stats.  This makes it eminently suitable for solo and fleet PvP without refitting.  For a ship that rarely costs more than 50 million isk it represents a swiss army knife that is often better on paper than other ships in nearly any category you care to name.

While modern tactics and methods have been developed to reduce the domination of the Drake it still remains a staple and an easy break in to PvP.  This change would abruptly end that.  The drake would no longer be a simple easy ship to use in any PvP situation and pilots would have to be far more intelligent about their tactics from the outset of using this ship.  I am in favor of this change, but not without reservations.

First off it would make HAM Drakes very powerful gank boats.  With a ROF and Range bonus it could easily reach to almost 20 kilometers with HAMs and do really good damage with ANY damage type.  The trade off is kthat resistances and hence tank would plummet.  EHP would stay respectable.  If I’m doing the numbers right my HAM Salad fit would have around 50k ehp, but EM and Therm resistances in the low 60s.  No Bueno compadre.    Damage would remain high.  In the 500-600 range with ANY T2 missile instead of just Terror.  I am a fan of that.  It would also make other Tier 2 BCs more popular and I love me some canes, and Harbingers.

On the PvE side it would change the mission progression path.  No longer would Drakes be the first ship a pilot gets that can tank L4s.  Without its resist bonus it won’t be capable of that anymore.  Now if you want to tank an L4 you will need a Raven.  Or a dual-rep Domi but no one listens to me.  Except my beloved readers of course.

Now for my misgivings.  Without the resist bonus this ship goes from the top Battlecruiser in the game for low-skilled players to just another BC.  What, then do I tell my nooblets to get into?  Really this almost removes shield tanking as an option for advanced, logistics supported PvP.  At my perch high up on the skill mountain (Skillpoints AND skills) I can’t see the path to get to where I am very clearly.  I try to train new people but I’m out of touch with the issues they have.  Until now I could at least say “Get in a Drake” when people ask what to bring.  Now their path is more obfuscated than before.    Still, I like a challenge.  BRING IT CCP!

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. Not only Drakes can tank Lvl4s. Myrmidons can too.

  2. The Ferox still gets the 25% per level resistance bonus and with hybrids being boosted in Crucible, is it not feasible as a pre-battleship ship for new players and also a good time to get them to cross train into gunnery skills?

    • I love the Ferox. I want to use it more and it’s just behind the brutix for best tier 1 BC. However I still think it’s better off fit with ACs. That being said it might be the Tier 1 BC of choice. I know I used to FC from one because no one wants to primary it.

  3. I’d support a Drake nerf, but probably not the current one. I agree that the ship is too effective at too many roles compared to it’s peers and it’s price tag, but the suggest nerf would almost certainly make it garbage in every role. I think nerfing it’s base shield HP, it’s base shield recharge time, it’s CPU and/or it’s base velocity would probably be a better option, bringing it in line with other BCs without turning it into garbage.

    Although, if the new bonuses let HAMs push out to 24+km the nano drake might get a real boost and being able to select damage types without losing the dps bonus would be huge.

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