You Farging Iceholes

Go ahead and start this while you read.

I spent half my day at drill today thinking about a column I was going to put together on EvE’s music (Yes EvE has sound)


This.  When it comes to quality of life and improvements that would add to the game without eating too many resources that should be used for FiS stuffs.  In fact those of us that recall HTIDRaver’s incursion fleets, you know, the Screaming Meerkat’s guy who pissed off the BTL and TDF guys so bad, might recall him playing his own dubstep over voice comms during long mothership flights.  You knew when bommas spawned because the beat dropped.

Plenty of EvE Players play their own music, it’s easy to do with EvE, and the music is still an attractive feature to newer players, but it fades into the background very quickly, along with nearly all EvE sounds.  I don’t even have them on unless I want them for a video I’m making.  Of course I’ll usually turn sounds on and then not run FRAPS, but I’m not bad at this for nothing!

Now for the bit that will piss people off:  Walking in stations is coming.  In fact I bet we can walk in some of the same areas as Dusties.  This will take music.  Heck I don’t want to sit in a silent room myself, why would an immortal space avatar not want music to ease his musings?

Oh and yes I’ve had that song going through my head all weekend and I realize what it means meatbag.  Bonus points if you know where the title of this post comes from.  And no googling you miserable cork-soakers.

I'm using it every time I can



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  1. Johnny Dangerously! This is farging war, you farging sneaky bastages!!!

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