Ethics? WTF is that?

So my new SW:TOR blog has a category that is conspicuously absent from this one.  Ethics.


I’ve been doing this over a year now… and I don’t have an ethics category.  Kind of telling about EvE as a whole, especially given that morality, or a certain lack thereof, is a defining characteristic of the game and its players.

In EvE morality is assumed to be absent from anyone.  Indeed I won’t give much trust to anyone unless I can drive to their house and punch them in the face.  Even then it’s dicey.  In an MMO like SW:TOR I assume someone is going to act in my good interests because it is in their BEST interest to complete content smoothly.  In other words I can pick up random people, go into a dungeon or a PvP arena and fight it out without worrying too much about backstabbing because they get rewards for the same thing I get rewards for.

EvE is not like this.  In EvE you can make a lot more money a lot faster by hogging and acting selfishly in the short run.  Whether its joining a corp with the express intent of robbing it blind (why I like knowing where people live,) or even blowing up random haulers and taking their stuff, anti-social activities are highly profitable in EvE.  Certainly a steadier income is gained through income, but trust comes hard and ethics are much more rigorous in EvE.

I'm using it every time I can


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