Dread Empires Fall

Today I did the second Fancy Hats – EvE Gate roam.  This is one of the greatest sightseeing tours in EvE, and covers an area of space with a lot of history to it.

When I started pvping in 2009 this area was more or less sewn up by Chain of Chaos (NAWTI) which was a huge, powerful pirate alliance that maintained a death grip on Antem, a highsec entry point and also the first system on the road to EvE.

Today we passed through and there were 12 people.  Chain of Chaos, now a shell of a holding alliance, was nowhere to be seen.  We traveled quickly to the EvE Wormhole, stopping to take a few pictures.

Our other scout was a bit off on his warpin.

Making an Entrance

We headed through Dead End to the Monolith.  No good pictures there sadly.  Still a very fun sight to see.

Passing through the depressingly empty area around Antem was like walking through a ghost town.  Here a great, thriving community stood, and for all it’s issues and for all the problems they had and caused, even among friends, they were a great edifice, a microcosm of EvE.  Now they are shattered remnants, spread over a myriad of nullsec and lowsec alliances, or striking out on their own.

EvE changes.  It doesn’t change with the suddenness of a Cataclysm, even new patches that introduce new content or features rarely alter the game with the rapidity of other games.  Apocrypha was, in many ways, the biggest expansion since the advent of nullsec, and it took months and months for people to really begin to cover every activity and nuance of wormhole space.  EvE changes are not typically fast, but they move with the majesty of the seasons, alliances form, break up, reform, and people often find themselves allied with people they have shot a dozen times, or fighting in pitched battle against trusted friends.  Delve used to be an impenetrable fortress held by Bob Kenzoku Goons Who the fuck knows these days.  Northern Coalition was utterly invulnerable.  Until they weren’t.  Some changes have happened fast, others not so much.  What they all have in common is a certain “Irresistible Force beating the Immovable Object” quality.  In retrospect the Immovable Object looks so fragile when broken to it’s shattered fragments that we often forget what force it was that broke it.

The EvE gate is the starting point of EvE Online.  In the story of the game it is the point from which all events flow.  In the books it is mentioned with regularity.  Right now it sits in an abandoned backwater, filled with the bones of yet another empire.

This will change.  Someone will take over Antem as it’s a fun spot to camp, it protects a constellation that can be used for POS farming, and lowsec will improve… someday… maybe even CCP will make a patch to increase activity at the EvE Gate, to make it more approachable, or open other gates similar to it.  For now I will look at it and think of Empires that Fell.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Beautifully worded post. Just realized I don’t have you bookmarked, this has been rectified.

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