His Name was Brian Flores

It seems pithy to write about the loss of a friend, and trusted comrade on an EvE blog.  There is a reason for it and it’s one I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

Known as Hairlessharry to those he flew with, Brian was a loyal friend, a fierce enemy and a wise and judicious leader whose judgement was valued by everyone who knew him.  He opened his house to friends he had never met, offering them the comforts of his hearth and home.  I met him only twice in person, briefly both times, and probably spoke fewer than a hundred words to him other than over voice clients.  Yet I had a standing invitation to his house, and I was not alone in this.

So many of his friends only knew him by his moniker.  They didn’t know his face, barely knew his voice unless they’d been in leadership councils with him.  They knew him nonetheless.

He made few decisions, and took stands only in crucial matters.  I suspect many of us would have trouble finding a decision he made.  We trusted him nonetheless.

He would stand up for you, even against his dearest friends if you were right and they were wrong.  He had moral courage by the bucket, and integrity by the mile.

He scored his first kill in EvE in April of 2009 near as I can tell.  Losing a faction-fit Prophecy to kill a Cerberus.

He scored his last kill on January 8th of this year.  It was a doozy.

Brian was a good friend to all those lucky enough to call him so.  Harry was a fearsome foe to his enemies.  He is gone too soon from this life, and my heart aches for his family, for those close to him, and for those who will never get to know him.

Why do I write this here?  For his friends.  While I am sure we will have a memorial for him in-game for those who knew him only as Harry, I wanted his friends to know more about him outside the pod.


About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. That’s exactly the Brian I was privileged – _blessed_ – to know. I had known him for a couple years in EvE, and that was a fun relationship as corp mates in the Jagged Edge.

    Then, in October of 2010, I had the opportunity to fly out and visit the J-ED crew for a few very relaxing and fun if all too short days in Austin, TX. And while there, it was Brian and his wonderful wife Leisl who graciously opened their home and hosted my stay, and Brian who indeed drove me all around Austin showing me all the places of interest and getting together with all the rest of our friends there. It was the only time I’d actually meet him, but it was certainly enough.

    I cherish that time, not just for the visiting and fun (which I did and still do), but also because it allowed me to talk with and know the heart of that man and that it was certainly big enough to share itself and more with this person who was previously just an in-game acquaintance from far-off South Florida. We spoke of swapping visits between homes in the future; and even though we’d never gotten around to actually making any arrangements, it was something I looked forward to with anticipation …

    Well, because I got to know Brian, I am certain we will visit again. I don’t know anymore when that’ll be, now … but until that day finally comes: Clear skies, B, and fly safe. Farewell, my friend! o7

  2. Nightshade Mary / Ushra'Khan

    Sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences

  3. Harry’s exploits in game made me laugh hard on many occaissions. He was a trusted wingman and just an outright funny bastard. Gone far too soon.

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