Shut up Bears. You are Ruining it for Yourselves

SOME people like to talk about griefers as if the act of griefing implies some terrible hidden truth in that player’s soul.  Depending on who you ask griefers are rapists, base criminals, animal abusers, child molesters, child molestees, sadists, impudent bastards, or any of a litany of things.  These opinions come from everyone from former CSM members (Ankh), to barely literate chumps.  There’s plenty more I just can’t be arsed to provide links.  Needless to say if there’s someone who’s felt butthurt at the depredations of the many MANY predators of EvE.

I’d love to see the outcry if pvp became MUCH harder to find.  The mechanics for War Decs are easy to avoid.  Be in an NPC corp.  Yes the tax rate is ridiculous.  You know what that buys you?  Immunity from wardecs.  You can run incursiosn, missions, mine, do your PI, what have you in total peace.

The only thing you miss out on in hisec is POS shenanigans.  You probably don’t need ’em.  Trust me.  Oh and security for your jet-can.  Another thing you don’t need.  If you need a POS you should be in a corp big enough to protect itself.  EvE is a PvP game.  Why is all this highsec PvP important?  According to John Tuberfield AKA CCP Diagoras there were 334k pvp kills in January.  50k of them were in highsec.  Now take all those ships you sell.  And the modules.  And the ammo.  The minerals required to build them.  The components required for T2 and T3 stuffs.  Drop the demand for stuff by that much.  That means you shift that wonderful D curve to the left for the economics types out there, and if you are any kind of EvE player I sure hope you at least know what supply and demand look like.

Things like CCP Agreeing to EvE Uni’s Dec Shield represent a significant shift in EvE Online away from Everyone vs. Everyone (you know, EvE) towards a new game, that might be friendlier to new people, but will drive out significant chunks of the old.  No one denies the right of market folks to undercut each other on prices, or to even sabotage the market for minerals of one kind or another to their own gain, these are massively destructive actions when it comes to some players wallet.  Why restrict in-space PvP and not market PvP?  For years CCP removed price floors until finally removing shuttles freeing the price of trit from the 3.45 isk minimum (3.2? something like that)  so there’s no floor.  Let me say that again.  There’s no price floor.  Prices can drop all the way.  Take out 10-15% of the market by isk, 20% by raw volume and things get awfully painful for people awfully fast.  Right now the prices are VERY tight with regards to profitability.  Start losing that profit and people will be hurting very bad.  Demand falling will drive prices down to the very bone, and force manufacturers out of the market, possibly even out of the game as they lose enjoyment and possibly the ability to buy Plex (although the price for them might fall as well.)

Making it a simple matter for people to avoid War-decs will significantly reduce the amount of damage that you can do in highsec.  Should it come to pass that other measures are taken to make highsec “safer” then whole classes of PvPer become obsolete.  Now there hasn’t been much talk if any of other nerfs to highsec PvP, but I’d rather establish early on the ground rules.  As Robert Redford’s character asks in Spy Game “When did Noah build the ark?  Before the rain.”

Summer is coming.  I hope it will bring a bounty and not a drought.  I hope CCP re-dedicates EvE as Everyone vs. Everyone, and doesn’t push to do what the vocal minority wants.  The majority want PvP.  According to Diagoras numbers and my bad math there’s enough ships destroyed that we lose a ship for every active account once every 45 or so days.  Let’s spread the love.

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  1. Nice post. Glad to see someone else expressing some concern about possible CCP directions with highsec. Like you said, better to speak up now, while a bad decision can be stopped, than once it has been implemented.

    • I was talking to Shootin’ Star the other day and we were looking at the video of the new quadrotor robots. I asked if he thought they had the 3 Laws of Robotics. He said they probably didn’t and probably didn’t need any. I said well let’s get them in while it’s still “probably.” This is the same. Nip the problem in the bud. Lots of people have seen this, heck I get half my info from reading Ripard’s blog.

      • Let’s be fully honest here. What I said is that so small and simple a robotic brain as the quadrotors were liable to have was unlikely to the point of probability of being able to accept something as complex as “3 Laws” programming, and therefore would not have it. This is to say nothing of whether or not I agree there’s a need; and the honest truth is, where truly advanced robots are concerned – i.e. the far approaches of AI – there are absolutely necessary. The quadrotors simply are not a good example.

        Now then, as to the topic, I absolutely agree. Industrial concerns aside (and those exist as well you would understand), PVP does not need to be watered down. If anything, enhancement is the order of the day. I hold some hope, given what Crucible brought … but the EVE-U decision is alarming. There simply is no profit or even in most cases possibility of real, honest combat such as been the history of the game. The best you can hope for is the occasional stupidity to occur and allow you a little satisfaction. It doesn’t speak well for the future of high-sec (or any other) combat, if we cannot remind CCP of what THEY billed this game of theirs as.

  2. In highsec, my alliance kills about half the amount in isk that -A- does each month. Definitely not an inconsequential chunk. And we’re only 70 pilots.

    • Details, please. I by no means exclude the possibility that you may be telling us the truth, but an anonymous posting from an unnamed alliance with no kb or other reference does not in the least support your contention.

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