Not Me for CSM 7

Every year I toy with the idea of running for CSM.  Every year I decide not to, mostly because I feel that I have practically no chance and I doubt the Army would be that supportive of all the free trips to Europe.  To butcher a Jewish saying:  Next year in Reykjavik (Holy cow I spelled that right the first time?) But I would like to share some of my thoughts on the issues I’d face and how I perceive the CSM.

The main issue would be the voice of Mad Haberdashers vs. the mask of Corelin.  Corelin is a highly specialized character whose activities limit his appeal, while Mad Haberdashers speaks to a wide audience comprising entire arenas of EvE and demographics to whom Corelin is an abhorrent monster.  A CSM seat is a very important, prestigious position requiring a candidate be able to demonstrate dedication, communication skills, intelligence, and values that will resonate with their voters simply to be elected.  Once elected a certain tenacity in beating the drum to get the message across to CCP becomes very important, as well as the mental fortitude to press on despite a lack of immediately visible results, even by EvE standards.

You will notice I didn’t say anything about leadership.  Leadership of a major faction in EvE will virtually guarantee you a seat on the CSM.  If you can get your minions to vote for you and there’s 5,000 of them you are goin’ to Iceland.  However the CSM is an advisory board, not a board of directors.  It has no executive power and not even much in the way of legislative power.  While the CSM is billed as a governing body of players, it has no powers to govern, and its function is not that of a governing body, but as advisors to the devs at CCP.  They help put out fires and attempt to steer CCP on the narrow track between increased profitability and customer satisfaction.

I look forward to seeing the candidates who show up.  I have probably already made my decision on who to vote for, although I would like to see some new blood and fresh fire in the CSM.  As a council I think they have evolved quite a bit and this CSM certainly has been the most popular, and has leveraged considerable power from both their activities over the summer of rage and from their positions at the head of mega-blocs within EvE.  Here’s to a fun election.

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