Where War? There War. There Castle

Where PvP happens in EvE can tell you a lot about the fight.  Fights in one kind of space can be completely different from the fighting in a different kind of space.  I realize that different kinds of fights happen different places, however I am going to talk about the “signature” style of each location.  Yes there’s small gangs in null and huge blobs in low, but changing small gangs affects low to a huge extent, while changing blobs affects null more than anywhere else.

Back when highsec PvP was fun you might roam around in 4 or 5 AFs, or BCs, or Recons, or BS, or really whatever you thought best attacking whatever wartargets you could find.  Now it has devolved into neutral RR and station camps and silly games on one side, and can-flipping, ganking and general asshattery on the other.  And remember I *like* the asshattery.  To me Highsec is characterized by very small numbers, even single ships fighting a knife-edged battle against each other.  Or alphaing hulks in a tornado.

Lowsec has a trap door as its entryway.  You can go in easy, and you can find fights.  It’s also REAL easy to tank your sec status to where you cannot easily LEAVE lowsec.  Even with a 4.0 or 5.0 sec status you can spend 1 night in a gatecamp and be -5 or worse in a couple hours if you start cracking eggs.  While the express elevator works well going down, going up is more reminiscent of climbing the wrong side of an escalator.  To me lowsec is characterized by small gangs, up to a couple dozen, the occasional cap-fight, and lots of fast-paced combat.

Null has the majesty of a trailer video.  Hundreds or thousands of ships moving in concert, carefully orchestrated strokes planned as meticulously as a proper military operation dozens or even hundreds of caps supporting operations, slow, even graceful combats where the main effort of the individual is to show up, and a good FC can make or break the day for hundreds of people.

Wormholes always remind me of the great submarine movies about WWI and WWII.  Nervously hunting something that is quite capable of turning the tables and killing you if they find you first.  A lethal cat-and-mouse game where you can lay hidden for an hour or more, suddenly turning to incredibly brief spasms of violence where one mistake turns victory into utter defeat.

When considering a CSM candidate ask yourself, are they talking about individual ship or faction balance, which will make a huge change to High and Wormhole battles, are they talking about changing the penalties to lowsec, or finding way to improve small-group pvp?  Are they placing an emphasis on the largest battles, where the titanic nullsec alliances wrestle for dominance?  A CSM candidate who talks about improving null but talks about small-gang warfare will influence CCP more on lowsec PvP than nullsec.  Read the platforms, judge them by their experience and what they talk about, not the labels they apply to themselves.

Fly dangerous, score kills.

I'm using it every time I can

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