The Platform I Want to See

CSM 7 is coming up.  Matching up with the US political system I am not sanguine about my chances of retaining my sanity at all.

The CSM is a very limited body.  It is basically a sounding board that offers the opportunity to lobby powerlessly for what they want to bring to the game that they feel will benefit them.  Mittens is not going to push for a Tech devaluation in isolation.  Meissa will not push for a logistics nerf.  So basically the CSM becomes a vehicle for already large and powerful groups to push ideas to benefit themselves on CCP, which is under no obligation to do anything.  Now Mittens as chair brings some clout to the game.  He has some genuine authority and standing with the players so that he cannot be simply ignored, but all the same there is no formal obligation on CCP’s part to really follow any guidance he gives.

That being said there are things I would like to see in a CSM candidate’s platform

  1. Mining.  No I’m not kidding.  FIX FUCKING MINING.  MAKE IT A WORTHWHILE PROFESSION.  MAKE IT INTERESTING.   Yes, I hate carebears and I hate mining.  Part of the reason is it is Godawful, make it interesting and I might actually do it!  I’m not kidding.
  2. Better communication from CCP –  I want to know what the “Future Vision of EvE” is.  Not the future vision of Dust.
  3. Iterative Content – More Tech 3, ships, modules, whatever.  We already know Seleene had a plan when he worked there
  4. Lowsec – Oh where to start, GCC, gate guns, standings hits, sec hits, moneymaking opportunities, small gang boosts… at this point I’ll settle for damn near ANY lowsec buffs.
  5. Supercaps.  Wild off-the-wall idea.  The more mass of ships you move through the cyno the more static it builds up.  Ships with static cannot dock, jump, or log out.  Bring in your 50 supercarriers?  Hope you have a place to hide for the next 6 hours.  That 200 supercap blob?  Grab a snickers.  You are goin’ NOWHERE.
  6. New Player help – Not necessarily protection, as EvE is a game of consequences, but perhaps ensuring that information is available and players are pointed to it.

I want to expand a little on New Player Help.  There is no push towards PvP.  Many new people become carebears without even considering other options.  They assume that the game is safe, and protects them, and when mean people like me come along they get blown up and killed and I get blamed for it because I did what I do in EvE, in full accordance with the rules, and usages of the game.

I'm using it every time I can

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. A random idea that popped into my head while reading the final point of your post:

    One of the new starter missions should match 2 newbies up and force them to fight it out until one of them explodes.

  2. I love high-sec suicide ganks. But sometimes the lopsided nature of the fighting is too boring. What I’d love to see is more fight back pew pew. In other words, REVENGE –

    that sounds like a good theme name :P. Some ideas in-line with this theme might be:

    i) Reduce fire-power of CONCORDOKKEN, but instead…
    Ok, this is different – the DPS of concord response team on a new ganker(s) is reduced for a fixed period of time (say 15 mins), but instead they gain multiple e-war

    abilities (infini-point, webs, damping, jamming) such that ganker is pretty much disabled. So, instead of auto-nuke by concordokken, they disable the ships for long enough

    for the gankee/victim to come and take part (if they wish) in some REVENGE 😛 Once the fixed period is over the main concord force arrives and nukes the gankers.

    Lore-wise, you could consider the initial concord response as the fast super tackle, followed up later by the main DPS, battle ships. (On a side note, I’d love see

    random-ness in the response team’s ships. E.g. would be cool if a concord titan just happened to be the area and decided to DD the offending ganker)

    This allows the gankees/victims to get some kill mails and a taste of blood. Who knows, they may enjoy it and seek out some more 🙂

    ii) Use of Kill Rights:
    – Being able to put kill rights up for sale,
    – Being able to extend kill right duration (counted in active account days?)
    – Being able to extend kill rights to corp members (in either direction, i.e.)
    IMPORTANT: All of these options would come at the appropriate cost to the gankee/victim as determined by CCP, whether it be isk, a sec status hit, loss of skill

    points/attributes, loss of standings, an incursion style de-buff, higher taxes, whatever.
    In fact, the use of kill-rights might also be used in helping to fix the bounty system.

    iii) Use of de-buffs on gankers:
    In order to encourage the normally risk averse care-bears, (who are often low-skilled pvp-wise) to fight back maybe introduce a slight debuff on the gankers to assist in

    the fight back. The severity of the debuff could be on a sliding scale, which could be based on a number of things:
    – the lopsided-ness of the gank. I.e. the more lopsided (based on what? not sure, numbers, ship type?) the greater the debuff?
    – sec status of the gankers?
    – would it only apply if the gankee/victim is in the same system?
    – length of debuff might be determined as a percentage of the kill right?

    In Summary:
    These are just ideas I’ve thrown up in a few minutes, feel free to chop and change, or mix and match 🙂

  3. I have always thought that some Of the starter missions should send the new player into a lowsec gatecamp to get killed and podded, so that they understand this can happen. I think the failure comes at trying to keep players away from other player interaction.


  4. Seleene so far is #1 for both my votes, because of his stance on lowsec buffs, and most importantly to me, his idea that not only should player-player interaction change the world, but player-NPC interaction too. I love his idea of being able to actually JOIN pirate factions or other sub-factions (the Intaki Syndicate, or Mordus Legion, for example), not just “RP” it and do a few missions so you have “good standings” with those factions that only you can see… and the faction’s rats still shoot at you. :-/

    A GREAT FW iteration would include the pirate factions “at war” with the Empire factions + DED (also open to join in FW, however for them you have to grind up and maintain a fairly good sec status), possibly with other pirate factions as well… with new NPC pirate stations sprinkled thru the appropriate lowsec areas, that are dockable ONLY by those with near-flashy negative sec status OR seriously good standings with the pirate faction in question. Once you DO join the pirate faction, no matter what your sec was before, you effectively become -5.0 even if your ACTUAL sec is still higher. There is no grinding out of it. However, if you keep your sec status above -5 and drop out of the pirate faction, normal sec rules apply. However, once you drop the faction…the only way back in is via very, VERY expensive bribes, and it only works once. Drop again, and its bai-bai-bai, baby.

    +Instead of 2 militias fighting it out, now fights can be 3-way. If the “pirates” get out of hand, you may see the 2 militias teaming up to beat them down. Likewise, a militia may attempt to bribe or coerce the pirates into helping them vs the other. And of course the opportunities for betrayal and turn-arounds… never should’ve trusted a pirate. 😉
    = (pro but leads to a con) Pirates don’t fight for “system control” like the militias. I would say pirates fight for “sec status” of the system, BUT that would just lead to “gaming the system”, and eventually all lowsec would be .1 sec because that’s more profitable for everyone.
    +Deeper immersion in the EVE story. Being “aligned to a pirate faction” now actually means something gameplay-wise. It’s not just “lolRP” and “look I iz flashy red n haz Daredevil with all serpentis faction stuffz, I are mean ebil piwate!”

    -the “pirate factions” would probably be grossly outnumbered simply because most people won’t want to go near-flashy just so they can “play pirate” and reap the benefits of FW-type LP scale for pirate faction stuffs.
    -However for those that do, the “FW-style LP scale” will be VERY lucrative. And just as you see a lot of FW peoples cruising faction frigs and cruisers because for them, it’s cheap, easy grinding to get them, likewise expect to see Serpentis types in DDs and Vigis. Lowered LP costs makes those ships easily more available, and of course most of the pirate faction ships are pretty bad-ass — helps make up for the likely lower numbers of the pirate faction forces.
    -Secondary “con” from easier LP for pirate-faction types: people will throw an alt in pirate faction-warfare just to mission up LP and get those faction ships to sell on-market, instead of use for fighting. Pirate faction frigs will become more common and numerous on the market and in non-faction players’ hands as well.
    -Sansha ships will need serious rebalance to be competitive vs other faction ships they’ll be fighting frequently.

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