The Value of Leadership

Give me your trust, said the king on high…

Give me your trust, said the lady and lord

Give me your trust, said the love of your life…

Trust is the taste of death.

This is a message for CEOs and alliance leaders, or people who want to be in those positions.

$14.95 a month per account in your corp.  If you are a leader, especially a CEO, this is the value you owe to the people in your corp.  Depending on the activities your corp members pursue there may or may not be a varying level of responsibility for it, but the people in your corp are trusting you to make their game, which they pay for every month, more enjoyable.  I’m going to look at this from my perspective.

Tomorrow I will have 15 people with around 17 accounts in Fancy Hats.  Yes we have a bunch of alts.  It bugs me a little.  That’s around $254 dollars a month.  Now certainly I am not on the hook for ALL of that.  I expect my minions PILOTS to have some fun on their own.  However as a leader I am always on the lookout for exciting opportunities and activities to keep us occupied and enjoying the game.  The more there is to do the more corp members play, the more they play, the more they accomplish, and the more they accomplish the more they have fun.  There’s tools I can use to spread the responsibility, but ultimately the buck stops with ME.

Lets look at the tools

  1. Forums/Blogs:  The EvE Community is a wonderful savory stew filled with.  Well.  Let’s not go into detail there, some of us have delicate stomachs.  I can usually find ideas for some kind of roam, group activity, and the background information needed to properly plan it on the forums or the blogs.  When I got into Incursions the wealth of information available made getting my corpmates into the right ships, channels and techniques a snap.
  2. Delegation:  People misuse this term a lot.  It does not mean absolving yourself of responsibility for what happens.  It means picking people to work on tasks under less restrictive supervision.  I can tell someone they are in charge of recruiting.  By the way if anyone wants to help me with recruiting I will love you forever, I suck at it.  Even if I find someone, recruiting is MY responsibility.  I need to make sure the person I delegate to has the resources, ability, and drive to do it because it comes back on me to make sure we get new people.  If someone isn’t doing their job it falls on me to replace them.  Don’t use delegation as an excuse to not take any stand in the issue.  It doesn’t work that way.  This is a powerful tool, but a three-edged sword.  It is still my job.  I have help to do it.  Credit goes down, blame goes up.
  3. Alliances:  An alliance should make CEOs tasks easier.  Many don’t.  Part of the reason is alliance leaders delegate down and CEOs get extra tasks.  Alliances should provide substantially easier planning for major ops, and a good rotation of leadership with regards to FCs and “special task” pilots like logis and scouts to make sure people stay fresh and don’t burn out.  I poke a lot of fun at Mittens but the man juggles chainsaws, daggers and grenades with the pins out and makes it look like he’s not even trying most days.  I struggle to run a 15 man corp.  Fancy Hats off to the man.
  4. Planning and Communication:  I am not kidding, get some planning done ahead of time.  Have meetings to plan out key events like moving bases, or joining/leaving alliances.  Communicate in an effective, timely manner.  No one cares if someone messed up a recruiting drive 6 months ago.  Communication about that isn’t effective right now.  Plan ahead, review the immediate past, let the rest burn.

As a leader I need to make sure my friends and corpmates are having fun.  I can keep them informed of things going on even when I am not at the height of my own participation.  I can participate as much as practical to show them that I am invested in our success.  I owe it to them, because they choose to trust me.

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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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