What are You Owed

Some people feel they are owed the universe.  They log into EvE and assume that everything they do will be successful because they are there, paying $14.95 a month and that everything they do will automatically succeed.  EvE doesn’t subscribe to this philosophy.  EvE is Tyler Durden with a hangover.

 EvE doesn’t give you a damn thing.  EvE makes you assume risk for every activity.  If you want to make money you have to put money at risk in the form of a ship.  Your market schemes can get crashed by someone else, your massive PvP fleet can be destroyed by spies and crippled by incompetence.  Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

A pilot needs three things to succeed in any given task.  Proper Planning, Dedication to the task, and luck.

  • Proper Planning refers to the skills, both player and character, to accomplish something, for PvP it means the ability to fit a proper ship and the knowledge of how to use it, ideally backed up by some experience.
  • Dedication means spending the time to succeed.  There are tasks you can do without logging in much.  Plenty of industry doesn’t require a lot of effort if you don’t mind pinching the margins a little.  However if you want to PvP, lead, explore, or make piles of money, you have to log in.  A lot of people joke that you pay CCP for the right to not play EvE while you get better.  You pay CCP for access so you can find your enjoyment.
  • Luck – Luck is your best friend or your worst enemy.  Good enough luck can get you everything, bad enough luck can ruin the most perfect plans.  Don’t trust it, plan for reverses, have ways to overcome simple problems.

I'm using it every time I can

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Amen to all that, brother! Playing on “PvP servers in other MMOs doesn’t even get close to the experience we have here. I love all the prep, love the fact that dedication is generally rewarded with better returns, and even love it that on some days the other guy’s luck is better than mine.

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