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CSM 7 Support Part 2: Looking Down

There are a few candidates that, for one reason or another, I will not support in the slightest.

Roc Wieler:  Ohhhhhh Roc.  Never mind the nonexistant platform.  Never mind the ego-trips that make even mine seem tame.  I’ve described the CSM as a sounding board / advisory board.  This year Roc’s message is both “Look at me” and “Listen to me.”  About.  What.  Well let’s check out his blog.  Hang on looking for a post about EvE that isn’t a repost.  Still looking.  Maybe on the next page.  Hmmm bit of RP stuff there but nothing in or about the game.  You know what it’s already October of last year.  I’m giving up.  He doesn’t talk about EvE. Mittens may have an ego but at least he has a message too.  Real easy to not support.

Kelduum Revaan:  This one is actually pretty simple.  He’s been running EvE Uni, a teaching corp/alliance for a LOOOOOONG time.  This is what you teach your people?  Seriously?  That much fail in lowsec in 1 month?  If Kelduum cannot communicate the importance of proper fittings to his own people than how can we expect him to communicate important issues to CCP in his role as a CSM member.  This ignores his ludicrous dec-shield stance (ironic post on this coming up) a “Fix War-dec” proposal even more unworkable than mine, and I wrote half of mine drunk, I just cannot find anything to like about this guy other than the fact that his debate with Hans has me looking at Hans in a totally new light.  Kelduum gets no support here.

Michael BoltonIII:  Let me look at his platform:  Nope, nope, nope, troll, troll, nope.  There are two things on here that are more or less straight lifts from theme park games.  If you want to play theme parks they are out there.  Audio Alerts for Local.  Hmm.  Situational awareness is key, but so is stealth and surprise.  I’m leaning more towards a delayed local in the first place, not easy warnings for people.  Not Supported.

On the bubble:

  • Mike Azariah:  I’m actually ok on his platform, but I don’t trust roleplayers.  They do stupid things for the wrong reasons
  • Riverini:  Not anything personal, for heaven’s sake the man pays me to write articles from time to time, but more because I suspect he is a more valuable asset to the community outside looking in.
  • Elise Randolph:  What’s there to vote for that isn’t better covered elsewhere?
  • Voloses:  What more nullsec people?  Also very vague goals.  Of course if RAZOR votes for him he gets a seat.

I'm using it every time I can


CSM 7 Support Part 1: Looking Back

My next couple of blogs (barring anything interesting in-game) will focus on the CSM.  I will give few endorsements as filling the 7 and 7 that will be on the CSM would thin my limited clout out to near invisibility.  Last year my two accounts split their vote.  I voted for Meissa and Seleene and was happy to see both get in.  This year one will be getting my vote and one wont.

Seleene is supremely knowledgeable, and intimately familiar with the people involved at all steps in the process.  He networks well, has a clear vision and communicates well, even if he does so infrequently.  He focuses on iterations and content development more than introduction, and has experience in literally all phases of EvE gameplay from the backrooms at CCP to the forefront of battles large and small.

Meissa… I just cannot support Meissa anymore.  I have nothing but respect for him, and for Rooks and Kings (as any reader here probably is already aware) but Meissa has been ignored for too long.  As he himself says he’s been in CSM 2,3,4,5, and 6.  What has changed in lowsec for the better?  What is promised in the future?  Meissa has been there too long and his effectiveness is reduced by that fact.  If he offered a fresh voice or had shown effectiveness in getting a message across to CCP in the past it would be one thing, but Meissa has not gotten CCP to recognize the issues facing lowsec.  Simply hasn’t happened and likely wont.  Meissa even includes two “damning with faint praise” quotes in his candidacy thread.

hard to categorize “

“smart dude with a different perspective than most”

When a girl said this about me in high school I knew that it meant another Friday night at home with the PlayStation.  If that is the best the devs have to say about Meissa after “more than 3 years” it is time to hang up the silly hat I like to imagine they make the CSM wear and blow stuff up.

So there you have it, upvote for Seleene, downvote for Meissa.  Next up:  I’ll look at a short list of candidates for my now freed up second vote.

I'm using it every time I can