CSM 7 Support Part 3: Looking Up

So I’m recommending 3 today.  1 of whom I will vote for, 2 of whom I recommend everyone here to look at and consider assuming you don’t follow my voting.

T’amber:  This is a totally different sort of platform.  CCP has a vested interest in increasing the opportunities for micro-transactions.  The CSM needs reps who have a focus on this to act as a sounding board that isn’t overtly hostile to the idea, or at best supremely indifferent.  This hearkens back to my concept of having a CSM with different specialties in each seat.  Ships, Clients, Social, Graphics.  No PvP.  No PvE.  No Mining.  No Faction Warfare.

T’amber has a history, and this is a warning flag to me.  Resigning is a supremely foolish move, as many people have pointed out, but people can grow and understand their mistakes.  CCP has demonstrated that they will adjust their stance with respect to the player base and has started listening to the CSM.  I bet there was more than one CCP dev who moaned “I wish we’d listened to T’amber.”  Supported

Alekseyev Karrde:  Alekseyev is definitely one of the top 7 on the slate, he also has one of the hardest roads to follow.  He has forgotten more about wardecs than most griefers will ever know.  He leads his corp, unlike folks like Kelduum who manage and leave the leading to others he steps up front and dares others to follow him and that resonates strongly with me.  He has the respect of some famous people in EvE, including Mynxee and even Kelduum. Allow me to quote from the noir. page:

Kelduum was my initial contact but I fast learned he was not the person to talk to as far as getting an IVY fleet running

Right there folks.  One of them does it, the other doesn’t.  If you want a candidate who really has a vested interest in small-gang PvP pick the guy that does it. Supported

Hans Jagerblitzen:  I will now eat crow.  I was wrong to oppose him.  I have had to create a new category to account for this.  His comments on my blog opposing him encouraged a lot of discussion and he engaged reasonably and diplomatically which is exactly what a CSM member needs to be able to do.  The debate against Kelduum weighs heavily in his favor and for two reasons.  #1 He knows more about pvp than Kelduum by a LONG shot, and #2 he more than holds his own against Kelduum who has a much longer resume in-game and a reputation as some sort of a leader and diplomat.  Hans also has a broad platform with support for lowsec PvE and even mining.  I really like his concept of mining progression and feel he could be involved in a lot of discussion.  Supported

So which do I vote for?  Well it’s going to come down to T’amber vs. a PvP candidate, so let’s look at Aleks vs. Hans.

Aleks has very acute focus.  He knows a lot about wardecs and would be an incredible asset to CCP when they look into the mechanics for this summer’s expansion.  Hans on the other hand has experience with lowsec, faction war, and interesting ideas to go beyond the immediate expansion and lay the groundwork for the future.  Structured war appeals to me less than unstructured and lowsec is the place to go for the more free-wheeling fights.  Hans wins.

Now I have to choose.  Do I back two PvP candidates or do I back someone for the front-end of EvE and for the back-end.  Much as I’d like to tell you my vote would go to Hans I have to say that today I’d vote for T’amber and Seleene with my two accounts.  Obviously this is subject to change, but I feel that CCP needs an advisor that will help them to find a micro-transaction strategy that makes sense to players and T’amber is literally the only candidate to even mention that in his platform.  The more I’ve thought about it the more I feel T’amber, for all his warts, must be there to help CCP salvage something of the effort they put into Incarna.  I will be watching very closely to what Seleene, Aleks and Hans say, as the votes have obviously not been cast, and I wish I had the accounts to vote for each of them.  I encourage people who do to give them your support, as I feel they would all do sterling service for the playerbase and help to guide the devs towards what mots players feel would be a more rewarding PvP experience.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. On Hans: “His comments on my blog opposing him encouraged a lot of discussion and he engaged reasonably and diplomatically which is exactly what a CSM member needs to be able to do.”

    Nailed it. Hans is a ‘new’ candidate that I think is going to make a difference. His willingness to engage in real talk is something I enjoy reading.

  2. Thanks for the support and words, I’d would be interested in knowing what you thought about Meissa?

    • Actually I went beyond just not supportting Meissa. He’s run on the same platform since the beginning and gotten so little done on it that I cannot find him to be effective, especially given the “damning with faint praise” that rings through his endorsements. He probably can still contribute to the discussion but what can he bring right now that’s fresh?

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