CSM 7: Things I’d Like to See


Knowledge of Wardecs will be an obvious one, as well as a familiarity of highsec mechanics.  With both wardecs and crimewatch being priorities for the summer this nearly goes without saying.

3rd Party Content:  This is an enormous part of the EvE world.  3rd party content really sets the game apart.  The differences between corps/alliances and guilds in other games is tremendous and the blogs, message boards, 3rd party programs and such are a tremendous, indispensable asset to the community and, by extension, to CCP.  I myself use Aura for my android and EvE-HQ for nearly everything else, and you may have heard about my blog, so I am keenly interested to see how CCP will continue to develop its relationship with 3rd party developers after the 3rd party licensing fiasco last year.

Now let me say I encourage some parts of that initiative, although as a whole it was poorly thought out and planned as the “Big Red Statement” in the comments thread pointed out.  I think the involvement of people interested in microtransactions and outside development like T’amber of even *shudder* Roc would help guide CCP to a program that would allow them control of their IP while at the same time allowing people who have busted their butts to provide useful goods and services out of game to recoup their costs.

Interest in Microtransactions:  MMOs are moving more and more towards microtransactions.  They give companies a faster return on their investment and the income stream is easier to monitor.  Non game-changing microtransactions will benefit the EvE Community including providing a benefit to FiS by increasing CCPs total revenue, some of which will be spent on FiS, some of which wont.

Incarna Iteration: Wait What?  I’m actually serious here.  The EvE vision used to be a lot more Babylon 5-ish, with the idea of actual agent offices, concourses and bars and casinos.  Incarna was to be the first step in that direction.  With a character creatr that has the potential to make Champions Online sit up and take notice, and some of the most tight-knit player groups in the game, sitting alone in stations needs work.  It will be a process, there is no need to put 60 devs on it right now.  CCP needs to plan it, they need to talk with players, starting with the CSM to figure out how to plan it.  They need to rework the Nex store price scheme and figure out how to make it a boon to the company, not an odd duck in the corner.  The CSM by definition includes the players whose judgement is most respected, and they are covered by an NDA.  They can help plan this, they can look at the vision and decide how good or bad it is.

Finally:  Lowsec:    People with interesting ideas to make lowsec more fun.  Changes to gate-gun and GCC mechanics are great, but not enough.  Every space is defined by its own characteristics.  Lowsec seems to feature empty locals just as much as wormholes.  It will take a lot more than a couple structural changes to fix this, and the process will take a lot more than 1 CSM to complete.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. I just wanna say I really enjoy your blog. I feel like other than mine, you’re the only blog other that has any real understanding of how highsec PVP works.

    With that being said I think the biggest issue people have with war decs is that they are just as difficult to figure out as nullsec mechanics, except unlike nullsec mechanics, there aren’t really any easy ways to learn them. Making things more transparent and clear will definitely go strides in helping people understand what they can and can’t shoot. Namely the crimewatch system which is painfully inconsistent and hard to understand even to us. (Try sitting in a safespot after killing a war target and watching concord show up 5 minutes later and kill everyone.)

    • Right now? It’s easy. Wardec someone, camp them in station, go afk and roll your face on the keyboard. Get wordecced get in a station somewhere, scream NEUT RR everytime someone comes in local with a red star. “Working as intended” 😀

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