Offer a Helping Hand

I tend to be one of two people when I play EvE.  I can be a solid friend/leader, and a ferocious enemy.

I tend to be a bit of a casual griefer.  I don’t target specific people to drive them out of the game, that is just silly and not worth my time.  However I have been known to blow up the occasional corp because they are all a mess.  Whether they deserve it or not.

If you are a friend, or someone who has helped me, even a new recruit you can find that I offer rewards and motivations with a liberal hand.  In my post Jaded I talked about how I’d become rather blase about my own money.  I’ve even extended this to other people, if I’m helping a new person I have no problem throwing a set of +3s or a reasonably inexpensive ship if the guy can tell me how it will help him.  However, this kind of assistance and support does very little in the realm of long-term benefits.  Mentoring programs, training through institutions as varied as agony, eve-uni (heh) or the school of hard knocks can make a world of difference even if the player has to pay to get in.  Figuring out industry, especially T2 manufacturing, or even missioning and fitting all have arcane rules and processes that simply don’t make sense to new players.

EvE needs a formal program to help new players, to show them options or even apprenticeship programs at certain tasks, advanced level tutorials handled by people, not NPCs, to offer real guidance, not just quick lessons that too many click through.  The help channels and new player guides are a start but there needs to be a wider acceptance of players who have recently joined the game and programs to help them out.  There is an internet meme based on “One does not simply walk into Mordor” well, “One does not simply log into EvE and start playing” either.  There is a lot to learn.  Yes we have a player experience team that will be developing things but it comes down to us as more experienced players to occasionally help out newer players.

Most folks out there don’t have a problem helping out new players from time to time but are uncertain how to do it.  Allow me to suggest some things

  1. Spend time in the “Help” channel.  If one person is asking a lot of questions invite him to your pub room.  People smart enough to ask questions last longer in EvE.
  2. If, like me and mine, you cruise the belts looking for trouble, go ahead and canflip, but don’t beat up on total nooblets, you can teach them a lesson then bring them into a pubchat and explain patiently and politely what they can do in the future to avoid these nasty visits.  If they act like jerks you can always finish them off.
  3. Don’t give away isk.  Isk represents a certain amount of time, effort or even money invested in the game.  Help players fit ships, even give them ships or items or ESPECIALLY skill books, but raw isk bumps in the wallet you should be real careful about.  By giving a player a well-fit ship and explaining what makes it well-fit you show him some of what he needs to know, whereas if you just hand him isk he may spend that 25 mill on a really well fit cruiser, or a shitfit drake not understanding that a well fit cruiser beats the hell out of a shitfit BC.
  4. Be patient.  EvE takes a while to learn.  Corelin has nearly 80m SP and I have a depressingly large amount of time in-game.  Thank god this game doesn’t have a /played command or I’d kill myself.  Nooblets, even ones with a month or more of time in-game might not have more than 3 or 4 hours in-game.  There’s no “Level 85 griefer” banner over corelin’s head.  Heck someone may have bought a toon and be a 110 million SP person with 0 time in-game.  Be patient, don’t assume.

I'm using it every time I can

About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I helped a new player once…hooked him up with +3s, some skillbooks, gave fitting advice…

    Then he turned out to be a corp spy for a corp that war decced us.


    • D’oh. Sometimes they teach you I guess 😀

      • True that, actually I think the most frustrating thing about attempting to teach noobs the game is dealing with the pseudo-intellectual types that think they know everything about EVE and attempt to undermine everything you say in order to make themselves look more knowledgeable.

        Unless you’re in a position of power already, everytime i’ve tried to help people out coming from the grunt ranks, I decided it really just wasn’t worth my time having to fight through those middle management bullshit players.

    • Well I guess if nothing else, advice/suggestions/education is always free, right?

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