Getting That Guy in Your Fleet

No, not THAT guy

The guy you want.  The logistics pilot, the backup target caller that won’t primary an abaddon on a field filled with logis and falcons, the guy with all the really good recons who can cripple the enemy, blind their FC, hobble their logistics and ruin their day.  These guys love to come out, but to get more participation from them, and get them at their best you need to build up their confidence and keep them keen on logging in and fighting.

Logistics – Logistics is very stressful, requires pretty high skills in game and out a moderately expensive ship.  They miss out on nearly all the killmails and the burnout rate can be high.  My two favorite methods of encouraging more logistics pilots to take part is twofold.  Institute a “No-one dies, logis keep the loot” policy.  This gives them a reason to perform AND makes the job easier by convincing more pilots to ship to logi and train for it.  The second is a “Ship replacement” / “Alliance ships” program where logis are kept in a hangar in each corp to either hand out before a fleet to all logi pilots (to be returned later) or handed out after a fight to pilots who lose one, to at least mitigate the pain of loss of losing a logistics ship in a fight.  This is more a mitigation of loss than a benefit and so isn’t as effective as the first, but still quite effective.

Leaders – Leaders like winning.  To get secondary and tertiary FCs you need to have programs to mentor them and encourage them.  Right now I am working with someone in my corp to get him to where he can take out roams himself and at least call targets effectively.  He will need some instruction on what to look for and expect in ship classes, ship types, and a near-instinctual level of memory on what ship is what.  He can’t spend 10 seconds going “Munnin… that’s the minmatar recon… no wait it’s the Huginn… or the Rapier??” He has to KNOW.  To keep him engaged he needs a mix of chances to perform and chances to observe.  He needs to build his hunger and see success and he needs to desire the accolades that come with being a leader in EvE Online.

Recons –  Recons make or break battles.  The more I look at the interactions between them the more I’m convinced that a good wing of logis can utterly demolish a hostile fleet, especially one that has been compromised by spies or gathered intel.  Good pilots love challenging ships and a recon wing of good pilots can CRUSH the coordination of a hostile fleet.  Falcons blinding the FC and logistics, Webers and target painters making targets more vulnerable, points and sensor damps forcing the enemy into range, or crippling logistics while pinning them in place, and neuts and tracking disruptors crippling individual ships faster than guns can destroy them.  However recons themselves don’t kill ships.  Before you bring them the pilots need to be satisfied that they are doing more good in a recon than they would in a DPS ship, or a logistics ship.  Once pilots are satisfied that the “Core” capabilities have been handled they are far more likely to jump in the shinier ships that multiply the capabilities of the entire the fleet.

The greatest way to get people to show up again is to succeed.  No one wants to follow failure.  Set goals wisely, achieve them intelligently, and expand your capabilities.  If people remember successful roams and good fights they will show up again.  They will gain capabilities and if properly motivated will do more than just warp lock and fire.  They will advance from being “killmail blobbers” to being assets and multipliers, they will go from being “That Guy” to “The Man”

And if you are a pilot who wants to participate more, and make an impact, watch some rooks and kings vids.  I bet you could name 10 logi / triage pilots if you paid attention to them.  I bet you’d be hard pressed to name 5 dps pilots.  Make an impression.  Be the man, not that guy.

I'm using it every time I can



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