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UI Problems

The EvE Online UI has a lot of problems.  I don’t know of any players who will profess a love of it.  The problem the UI runs into is that it simply has so many things it HAS to have and while you can reconfigure for different tasks, the need to fit so much information on the screen means that the UI tends to bury the game even when there is a relatively large amount of room like on my 24″ widescreen monitor.   Even with the ability to shrink the UI somewhat the games beauty is simply covered up.

I’d like to see some of the information from the overview capable of being moved to the active target.  For example target speed, Corp, angular velocity (or whichever one I’m supposed to pay attention to) put on tags under the target rather than buried in columns on the overview, stretching it to 1/3 of the screen or more.  Being able to add items to the target display would greatly improve the quality of information displayed.

Chat boxes.  I would love for there to be a separate EvE-chat client where when you signed into the EvE game client you also signed into EvE-chat.  That way those of us with multiple monitors could move all the flashy chats to a different monitor and still have them available rather than flashing up the neocom like the vegas strip on friday night.  People on a laptop or a single monitor setup will still have to HTFU.

Just these two changes would clean up a great deal of screen real-estate to enjoy the actual game.  You know.  Spaceships.

Just imagine your huge monitor with THIS running:

Wait, who put spaceships in EvE?

And then all this garbage you don’t need on your other monitor:

Blink all you want, I can ignore you now!

Bonus points for CCP:  Insert Neocom and chat functionality into EvE Chat so you can run it without loading the full EvE client.  That would be Winsauce.

I'm using it every time I can


Convention This!

Hong WeiLoh at his blog, “Carebears with Claws” had a great post about “fixing” things.  One thing he points out that I really like is that we should base our suggestions on the lore of the game.  Ok.  So… wardecs.  Little skinny.  Well I see all these things about the Yulai Convention.  Oh C’mon.  Yer fuckin with me right?  Nada?

The lore and background of EvE is sadly lacking, I agree with Hong that we need to base suggestions on solid lore, but solid lore for wardecs is fundamentally lacking.  I don’t think we need the full document, but I think some effort by CCP to produce the largely relevant portions would be of immense value to players.  Right now when a war ends you get this


The war between My Awesome Corp and Your Crappy Corp is coming to an end.  My Awesome Corp has retracted the war against Your Awesome Corp. The war will be declared as being over after approximately 24 hours.

The notice starting a wardec has even less.

CCP has thrown a large, heavy, rusty gauntlet on the floor for this summer.  To do wardecs right I think they need to make them make sense from start to finish, complete with working into the lore of the game why CONCORD with its highly punitive DED would just go out and allow corps to start bashing on each other in highsec.  Cassus Belli, bribes, something to start the process, goals, objectives, ways and means of stopping the wardec, all need to be not only presented in in-game mechanics, but as part of the EvE universe that includes trillions of people to go with the hundreds of thousands of capsuleers.

I'm using it every time I can