Daily Archives: March 13, 2012

Water it, care for it, grow it, THEN crush your enemies

Not a huge surprise.  Our alliance is getting its act together, trying to come together after adding a lot of new faces, many of whom seem to be spais.  I still say my plan of knowing 90% of my corp well enough to be able to drive to their houses and bash faces is a good idea.  Unless Orakkus is a secret dirty spai I am fairly safe on that accout.

However one way or another we have just fallen all on our faces in this area of null.  From taking the bait and losing my pilgrim and a falcon to a PL alt and friends (and let me tell you when the bridge + supers arrives the rest of my fleet GTFOd) to a badly coordinated and unled “DEEFEND OWER SPAES” op that cost us a couple more ships to a “I’ll shoot this frigate and OMGWTF HE HAS FRIENDS” on a gate, we have covered ourself in glory in the last couple days.

Alliance ain’t doing a ton better.

Growing an alliance means taking your lumps.  I remember when Test was harassing COW in Scalding Ass, we handled them pretty contemptuously at first.  This was before anyone had a frakking clue who Test was, let alone what a Juggernaut they would become.  They went out, they took their lumps, they made mistakes, and they paid for it, sometimes seriously, sometimes with wrist slaps.  The key to growing is to learn cheap.  Don’t throw a bunch of caps and shinies into an unwinnable battle, it kills morale.  Lose T1 BCs, and T1 cruisers, and a couple logis.  Learn to trust each other.  Lose ships together and lose them protecting each others assets and build the bonds that hold you together.

Losses happen to everyone, and they can destroy you or bring you together.  A great example of the latter is Red Alliance.  They are steadily losing people, they have taken body blow after body blow.  They have suffered a massive loss, and in a year they are going to be leaner, meaner, and inflicting pain on anyone they can.  A few losses isn’t a bad thing.  Everyone needs to learn to deal with the bad times.  Right now S I L E N T. is struggling.  We are doing as poorly as the alliance ever has and my corp is doing as badly as it ever has.  We can work to make it better, and we will.

I'm using it every time I can