Ranking Alliances

There’s many alliances out there, and there’s not been a whole lot of effort to quantify them.  Alliances are the biggest structured group of players in EvE.  They range from the 7800+ goonswarm to little 1 and 2 man defensive huddles for lone industrialists.

Today i’m going to talk a bit about what I think the ranging and criteria should be:

AAA – Who:  The Elite, Goons, xxxdeathxxx,
Why:  They can and have taken and held space.  They have the ability to enforce their will anywhere and  can act independently to wreak havoc on nearly anyone.  Ability to influence the meta-game counts big here too.  Think ice interdiction, minerals prices etc.  Has the leadership, willpower, monetary resources, numbers, and culture to endure tough times and bounce back.

AA – Who:  The Big Boys, PL, -A-
Why:  As with AAA status they can and do take and hold space, but their ability to do so is dependent on  careful target selection, or coalition efforts.  Can sustain efforts over the long term, but simply don’t have the resources to stand unaided against “the big boys”  Still has the leadership, will etc. to endure rough times, but has a lower “max effort” capability.

A- Who:  Wild Cards:  Rooks and Kings, AHARM
Why:  They neither can, nor care to move into null,  they focus and specialize on one aspect of warfare and establish a dominance in it that makes them a factor to be considered in any campaign, but they limit their influence (deliberately or not) and generally will not pursue long campaigns without good reason.

B- Who:  Bit Players:  CVA on a good day, Renter alliances, the non-elite lowsec alliances,
Why:  They have the ability to run short campaigns, they don’t have the ability to sustain beyond a couple of days without logistical support.  Leadership and willpower tend to be much lower than higher ranking alliances and key resources might be missing.  This rating doesn’t mean that there’s an actual issue, just that the alliance is not really capable of standing toe-to-toe with people.

C – Who:  The rest:  Rebuilding alliances, alliances with serious deficiencies.
Why:  This rating can afflict alliances for many reasons, but few of them are good.  Some alliance get it because they just never get their act together.   Some have expanded or contracted recently, either way the alliance has issues focusing and gathering resources to use, and might not be aware of their actual capabilities and over or under reach.  These alliances can still pull of a shocker,

D – Who:  The junkheap:  Alliances that simply aren’t competitive and will likely require a major effort to become so.
Why:  This can be pure highsec alliances with no pvp experience,   industrial alliances that lack the kind of resources needed to participate on any stage.  Most of the alliances are remnants of older, better alliances, or defensive huddles of industrialists hiding from wardecs.

Obviously there’s a lot of room for discussion here, and there’s a lot of potential for argument over who gets ranked where.  I thought it would be interesting to look at.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. -A- sounds, based on recent battle reports, that it might be on the cusp of becoming a triple-A alliance.

    • They are definitely one of those on the line. I kinda want to see how well they consolidate their space and the next few weeks before *I’d* give them AAA back, but I’m not exactly the biggest authority on it. And triple A is against my authority anyway.

  2. On the wild cards I think you need to distinguish between sov null and npc null. There are some corps that work well in NPC null.

    • Wild cards are more likely to operate in multiple types of space as individuals, like R&K who go from NPC Null to Low, to WH. It’s part of what makes them wild cards, that they are unpredictable.

  3. I dunno bout that rating, man…. and where’s the F alliances? I’d say THAT encompasses most hisec bear corps/alliances, as they get an F for Failin to Try. 😉

    • I was going to put an “F” category for alliances that manipulate the rules of the game to give themselves an unfair advantage over other people and give EvE Uni and AHARM some not-love.

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