Voice Comms and You!

Ok this is more aimed at new players in EvE.  I am going to talk about a fundamental issue in PvP that can absolutely make or break you or your fleet.  Voice Communications.  Multiple person PvP in EvE simply requires voice communications.  Every alliance and many many larger corps have their own servers, be it TS3, Vent, or Mumble.  Using it correctly is one of the largest foundations of success in fleet actions.

Rule #1:  GET ON COMMS.  Get on comms.  Use them.  Especially for PvP.  Make sure you are in the right room before you undock.

Rule #2:  STFU.  If you aren’t the FC or the scout you should almost never talk.

Rule #3:  Listen more than you talk.  If you do have critical information you need to think about what you are going to say.  Decide how to say it in the minimum number of words.  Say it clearly and distinctly.  I’d rather you talk an extra half second to make sure I hear you than take 10 seconds to repeat yourself because you talk like you stuffed a sock in your mouth.

Rule #5:  PAY ATTENTION:  FCs have it when people lemming ahead of the fleet, which happens a lot these days with the Jump button right next to the Warp button.  Practice good habits.  When you get in warp, hit the stop button a few times just in case.  You can always jump on landing if you need to.

Rule #6:  Know your role.  Different alliances have different rules for voice comms.  Some want everyone to be able to talk just in case, some want everyone muted but key players.  Know when to talk and when not to.  Know what critical information allows you to break radio silence.  For example the FC probably wants to know when the scout or bait is jumping.  He does not want to know when the 30 or 40 guys in fleet are jumping.

Rule #7:  Use Chat instead of Voice:  Got a question?  Is it UTTERLY LIFE THREATENINGLY URGENT?  No?  Type it.  Fleet location, shiptypes needed, whatever.  Type it.

But Corelin:  Why?

Imagine the voice communication server as a pipe.  Only one message can be in the pipe at a time or else ALL the messages get fucked up.  Mumble actually lets you step on people and mute them as you talk.  Most alliances don’t use it however.  If you have a TS server and 15 people are saying “I jumped” “Wheres the fleet”  “Can I bring my drake”  The FC can’t hear important intel like “Scout has a Chimera on the XXX gate.”  If I’m FCing there’s only one of those I ever want to hear.  TS and Vent servers generally don’t discriminate or prioritize speakers.  Your message traffic is not as important as the FCs or the Scouts, but it can step all over them.  As a pilot it is your job to be the filter, and to keep traffic to a minimum.  There are times to hot dog it.  Before and during a fight are not them.

I'm using it every time I can



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  1. “Rule #2: STFU. If you aren’t the FC or the scout you should almost never talk.”

    I hope you don’t mean at all times.

    During combat, or when the scout has found possible targets … for sure …

    But while roaming, or while just sitting on a gate … open comms all the way.

    There are some dick FCs in the Uni that made for miserable fleets, because they insisted on closed comms from start of roam to finish. Damned boring. I avoided those FCs.

    Best fleets … open comms until we located targets … then serious business … afterwards, back to open comms.

  2. “breaker breaker one-nine, can I get an 11-98 at the 10-19? come back…”

    Sorry, had to.

  3. Funny thing is this discipline becomes second nature after a while. After playing EvE for a while, I had joined a guild in Age of Conan. They had Vent, so I joined up as well. We do a bunch of quests and stuff. I get a comment, “XXX (I can’t remember my toon name anymore) you don’t talk much do you?” My reply, “Sorry, EvE player. If I have nothing important to say, I STFU.”

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