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I Love Fixing Sec Status

So we got to shoot up EvE-Uni the other day.  That was fun.  I had spent the morning getting my sec status up to -2.11.  10 minutes of Pew Pew later I’m back at -2.98.  I’d blame the guy calling targets that were neutral… but it was me.  Fuck it Corelin’s an asshole.  Still it leaves me much lower on Sec than I was and I want to get it back.

Today was going to be a mostly PvE day. I don’t have much homework since I’m mostly caught up, and I could use some isk.  Time to run some incursions and make a lot of isk doing something interactive, multiplayer and fun by EvE PvE standards.  Do something mind mindbogglingly* dull for a pittance in an extremely illogical way to make the game a little less obscenely inconvenient.

I’m going to suggest a battery of small improvements.

1.  Three statuses in lowsec, flagged, not flagged, agressed.

This change is aimed at reducing sec hits.  A ship that has good sec status and has no aggro timers against any players in unflagged.  Shooting at it will result in a sec hit and a flag.  A ship that has either fired at a non-flagged ship or has bad sec status is flagged and can be fired upon freely.  This isn’t revolutionary.  What is is adding agressed ships.  When a ship shoots at all, whether against an outlow or not, he is consenting to PvP.  At this point he may or may not incur gate guns, or sec hits, but anyone shooting at him ALSO does not incur gate guns or a sec hit.

2.  More mechanisms for repping sec status.

I would rather pay millions for a tenth of a percent than mindlessly bounce between systems killing 1 BS in each.

I would rather CONCORD gave me sec status increases for everything I killed the same way they do for bounties.  It even makes sense in the backstory.  I AM MAKING SPACE SAFER BY KILLING EVERY RAT RATHER THAN CULLING A SINGLE BS FROM THE HERD.

I would rather be able to turn in tags to CONCORD agents for sec status as an alternative to turning them in to Faction Agents for standings.

3.  Reduce Sec losses for ships, increase sec losses for pods.

Pretty straightforward.  Either do this, or go with Hans’ Proposal.

4.  If you do none of the above:  Allow a toggle that lets me forego isk bounties in return for a higher rate of sec status gain.

Anything to decrease the time spent grinding.

I'm using it every time I can

*The dictionary says it’s a word.  I’m using it because it’s awesome.