What is the point of PvP?

What I’m fighting for is to prove I’m a better man than the others. There’s many a man worse than me, and some better.
– Sgt “Buster” Kilrain, Gettysburg (The movie)

So I’ve been ruminating on exactly what is the point of PvP.  I’m not a hardened PvP monster in other games, I barely engaged in it at all in WoW, never bothered in LotRO, dabbled in it in SW:TOR, and don’t particularly enjoy it in games that focus on it like Aion, or Rift.

I do dabble in World of Tanks, and I will probably fiddle quite a bit with MWO:Mercs.

I do a little bit of PvP in EvE as you may have seen.

Theme Park MMOs define PvP as fighting other players to improve yourself.  You grind PvP kills or warzone wins to gain access to better gear.

World of Tanks works in a similar fashion.

EvE is a bit different.  While there are places to run PvP for self/faction improvement (Faction Warfare, Sov Battles etc) and you can try to make a living off of it (Piracy and metagaming) a huge portion of PvP, probably even the majority of kills, certainly the majority of fights, take place just for the hell of it.  To pew pew and see who wins.

There is very little PvP in other games that is pointless.  One of the major complaints PvPers had in SW:TOR was that “Open World” PvP (or PvP for PvPs sake) had no rewards.  While I cannot say that this is truly equivalent to EvE, we get killmails and sometimes loot, I can say that whining about getting nothing isn’t exactly in the spirit of PvP.  In EvE when I win a fight I get the satisfaction of beating someone.  I get bragging rights, and I get a pretty killmail to post on my killboard.  If I’ve helped a friend, I get to call on them in the future (or they can call on me again) but material gain is usually pretty limited in EvE.

Tomorrow I’m going to break out the crystal ball and see what CCP has in store for PvP in the future.

I'm using it every time I can



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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Exactly why PvP in Eve has not (yet) appealed to me. I can see the appeal for other players, but I am at heart a builder and defender, so going after other players just for “bragging rights and a pretty killmail” has no appeal to me. OTOH, I know many EvE players can’t see the point to EvE players wanting to build and acquire wealth in an internet game. The great thing about our sandbox is that we all can play differently as long as we all agree that once you undock you are a target. I’ve got no problem with that at all.

    I play a lot of non-CW WoT and enjoy the heck out of it, most likely because it’s PvP that provides a gain. It is very rare to lose credits and you’ll always gain XP.

  2. “I can see the appeal for other players, but I am at heart a builder and defender…”

    ^ sounds like you may enjoy sov play then. That’s all about building, defending, and “conquering new turf”. Of course, it’s all a lot of backdoor politics nowadays, to the point where the “big battles” like C-J6 were fought and won before anyone even lit a cyno — but still a “gf” was had so we could do right by the system and station and its history.
    Moreover, most of we “grunts” in EVE sov like to pretend that the “big battles” are happening because hey, it’s time to kick ass and take names… and the politicos at the alliance/coalition level know that it’s best to keep the grunts happy or they have no grunts to make an alliance/coalition with.

    I am REE-HEE-HEE-HEE-HEEEEEALY curious about what’s going to happen with FW and wardecs in the upcoming expansion, Barbie. (sorry been on a Scrubs kick lately) So far not a peep except “BIG CHANGE is COMING :SOON:” … :-/ Meh. More details plz?

    • Yeh, I’ve been saying to myself now for almost four years that I should try out nullsec, but with my limited playtime I’m pretty sure I’d be more of a burden than an asset.

      Ditto about the next expansion. Crucible got me to resub, but Inferno will determine if I stay or not.

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