Hawt blogger on blogger action

Ripard Teg and his Rote Kapelle buddies came out to play last night.  They played hard.  They did not like Fancy Hats one bit either.  I got neuted out hard and popped, Orakkus got webbed down and ripped up by the Lokis.  We had numbers and falcons, they had logi and shinier ships in general.  They probably brought more DPS to the fight than we did and our ECM was not terribly well coordinated, but we at least managed to salvage some honor from the fight, and had fun doing it.

Good fight, good night!

I'm using it every time I can


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Brown chicken, brown cow.

  2. lol You were out and about last night too, huh?

    I took out a mixed company lolT1 cruiser roam thru lolsex (Placid), sadly everyone that wanted to play was in seriously shiny shit til we hit Brarel. Ended up trying to jump a CN Hookbill in a FW plex, though the plan was excellently worked, he managed to call in his Draek! buddies from the next system over right as we were landing on the complex gate (which would have admitted us but not the Draek!s) and a :betterfight: than what we would have had vs the shinies and T3s out elsewhere ensued. We still got our asses handed to us (4 T1 cruisers vs 2 Draeks), but at least we drone-smashed a Kestrel looking to whore on our lossmails.

    Thanks to drink and good company it was a fun night. 😀

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