All this has happened before, and all this will happen again

So for those of you that haven’t been paying attention… 2009 called and they want their fleet doctrines back.

I’ve got a million of ’em.

Seriously though, snipe fleets seem to be back in a big way.  In 2009 the only real doctrine was one flavor or another of snipe fit BS, that could tank the old AoE Doomsday and hit targets out to 140 km or so.  I can’t remember exactly what it was just brought a bunch of Rokhs and Megas to null and facerolled my keyboard on the targets the FC broadcast.  Fleets would be anywhere from 50-80 up into the 200s.  I even got to use a Titan Bridge!  I was sooooo cool back then!

Now I like to pretend I understand things a little better.  CoW was fun, but hardly a major factor.  Even combined with Primary. and Gentlemen’s Club it wasn’t exactly the A-team.  In fact Atlas and -A- were the “A-team” and even they weren’t that hot.  Or even warm.  Anyway the Tier 3 BCs bring snipe fleets to a whole new level.

In 2009 you would warp somewhere close enough that they couldn’t warp straight to you, but far enough that you could track them, and open fire with max range ammo.  If you got targeted you tried to warp off.  I was high enough in the alphabet that I ended up warping a lot.  Yes targets went alpha by name back then that’s how old it was.  If you got bubbled or pointed you MWDd around to try to gtfo.  In fact one of my proudest achievements was extracting a trimarked mega from the midst of a hostile fleet during the dreaded “2 snipe fleets warping to the same tac” boo-boo.  I managed to keep transversal on virtually the whole fleet long enough to get away.  I felt like a pimp.

Now fleets dance around POSses, POCOs, Stations, Gates, even safespots using many different doctrines.  You don’t need to tank the obscene alpha of a titan DD anymore so much more agile and fragile ships are being used, like the T3s.  Helicity Boson’s T3 cruisers are GO shows the perfect way to use them, humiliating the much weaker Mayhem in a POCO fight back in Dec.  More recently I got to have some fun against General Tso’s Alliance, with the help of Bondage Goat Zombie corp.  I have to mention that the Fancy Hats were on the field with General Tso’s and Bondage Goat Zombie making this the most epic collection of names on the field at once.  Our battle was sloppier, from the tackling to the fleet comp to the terribad video I made video being I am remaking as I write this.

The agility of T3s and the other fleet doctrines out there make it more of a ballet than the grid-burying slugfests of 2009.  In fact if I may remake the BSG comparison, it’s rather like the sluggish and awkward looking special effects of the 70s series compared to the drastically improved and smoother graphics from the modern series.  I will be interested to see what other tactics rear their head again.   I will be interested to see what innovations come, especially in the face of the “ship roles” system CCP seems to be aiming towards with it’s potential for sandbox wrecking changes.  Still it’s fun when something from my “youth” in EvE comes back like this.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. Very well-written. I like, supported, +1 and all that crap. 🙂
    One thing I will say about the “ship roles” thing is 1) it sounds like they’re trying to think of “themes” for each ship, which kinda resembles story instead of “arbitrary mechanics are arbitrary”, and for that they get a +1 from me, and 2) I dunno how “game-wrecking” they’d be… I mean, you say they’re pigeonholing ships into roles, but so far tier-1 and 2 frigates and cruisers are already almost all “pigeonholed” as “shitty, useless, not worth time”.
    Just for that reason, I’ve taken to speed-fitting Atrons and am going to take some out just to see what I can do.
    Well, IF I can do anything with them besides get blown up. lol.

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