Quickie: In character even!

Corelin slipped through his old haunt, Tash-Murkon Prime.  Systems on his trusty Ishkur poking for loose cans.  Finding one he spins into warp and dives into the belt where Greyscale’s hulk waited.  Happily chugging ore into jetcans.

Undaunted Corelin starts transferring ore and calling in corp for haulers for the rich bounty.  “Mining is easy” he thought “Just get other people to do it for you.  It’s not even boring!”  Suddenly his overview lit up.  Dozens of ships warped in and started pointing and webbing the tiny ishkur.  Greyscale opened comms.

“You’ve done it now Mr. Haberdasher.  I’ve made it so everyone in EvE can shoot you for 15 minutes!”
“Do you expect me to fight all of EvE?”
“Why no, Mr. Haberdasher.  I expect you to die!”

And on cue the guns of the dozens of denizens of TMP opened fire.  The ishkur disintegrated, vomiting forth it’s pod.

Corelin started in his pod, waking from the most dreadful dream.  I hope.

I'm using it every time I can



About Corelin

An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. Karbox Delacroix

    This is what you get for not just straight up Desi-ganking the hulk.

    • Yep, sure is.

      Of course, then you just get the “magic death-ray”….from some WoW wizard on the nearby temperate world casting “Die Griefer Die!”

      Sad thing is CCP is slowly euthanizing their own game, and one day, pretty soon if they keep it up like this, they’re going to wake up and find it dead, and wonder wtf happened. :-/

  2. I try to be clever and witty, but apparently am as terrible at that as I am PvP. 😉 Or so I’m told. lol

  3. Nice dream, can we have another one where you try to scam some poor chap and spend several hours in a jail staring at the locked door? EvE is real,huh?

  4. I approve of this dream – Payback Time!

    (Actually I don’t remember when I last mined. Or ran a mission.)

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