CSM 7 Results are IN!

Raw info HERE

Mittens, Two Step, Elise Randolph, Greene Lee, Trebor, Kelduum, Seleene

UAxDEATH, Hans, Meissa, Dovinian, Issler Dainze, Aleksyev Karrde, Darius III

So in an expansion that will focus on Low Sec and Wardecs, the people currently involved in those two are… not going to Iceland.

/me sighs

Bloc voting works well when the blocs are relevant.  Right now if Hans or Aleks wants their voice heard they have to trust in CCP listening to the members they never have to face, and trust that the nuances of their communication come through, without the benefit of face-to-face meetings.

To me, these results represent success for EvE and failure for CCP and the CSM.  Only EvE could build blocs so powerful that they aren’t capable of recognizing their own self-interest.  However when CCP and the CSM sit in Iceland the members traveling to  Iceland will by and large NOT have any stake, nor much knowledge in what they are talking about.  At best they have second or third hand information regarding high sec, or low sec mechanics and their effects on people that actually live there.  By having candidates all lumped into one “category” CCP denies itself the expert information they need to make informed decisiosn.  And we wonder why Greyscale can come up with such crackhead ideas.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Well.. I don’t think it is as bad as it sounds. Aleks, his main platform was pretty much Wardec changes..and the changes put forward at Fanfest are pretty good so far, especially the Merc Marketplace idea. We still need to see how this hammers out, but I think he’s get some play in that area anyways. At least he is on the CSM.

    And as far as Hans goes, while I wish he got more, I don’t think he’s going to be treated as an alt.. at least by most of the first seven. Since Seleene, Trebor, and even the Mittani campaigned for him, I think he’s not going to be swept under the rug.

    The only concern I have is Kelduum.. but that is just because I don’t know him well enough.

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