It’s not that bad. It’s worse

So yesterday Greyscale had a pretty rough day on the forums and blogrolls.  On a day that could have been downright triumphant he instead is probably looking at the forums and maybe a few blogs going… “C’moooooon it’s not that bad.”

It is that bad.  The community that draws people into EvE isn’t the solo mining community.  In fact these people are the folks most likely to try EvE out for a few months and then quit.  Mining isn’t rewarding mechanically or financially, and can be endlessly frustrating solo.  If this doesn’t lead you to try new things or find friends to mine with, you simply aren’t going to enjoy EvE.  Period.

Even if you stick it out, your impact on the community and game will be limited.  Mining isn’t even the fastest way to gather minerals, so your impact on the market… not so hot.  You are excluding yourself from the community, rough times there, and even if you try to expand your impact with a blog/podcast/youtube channel, who wants to WATCH or LISTEN to mining.

CCPs marketing lead got up and talked about how we do his job for him.  The players who do horrible things to other players create buzz.  He referred to “The Heist” which is ancient history, but look at My Loot Your Tears, or the fall of BoB, or the destruction of northern coalition.  Those people aren’t asking for help.  They are asking for their mechanics to be left alone.  They are well-known, they are well-documented.  Players who want to be a part of EvE and not just play it are quite capable of joining and avoiding stupid losses.

So I say to buffing solo miners – go the other way.  Buff group mining.  Let the solo miners go hang.  Include in the tutorials information on just how much more efficient mining is in groups.  Already you get a 33% boost just being in fleet with a max orca booster (no implants) Make mining interesting.  Make it the best way to gather minerals.  Don’t protect discard cans.  Don’t turn “suspects” into “sheep”  It’s the first step for many on the rocky road to piracy, myself included.  If a miner can’t get his corpmates to come along and fry the guy messing with his cans then maybe he needs to work harder at something other than shooting rocks.

Today Greyscale has backed down somewhat:

We’re extremely keen to pin down a design where you’ll always be able to defend yourself from aggression without getting CONCORDed. I’m not going to promise anything because I can’t actually predict the future. -Greyscale

I don’t think he is that far from having a good system.  Having crimes organized by “tiers” e.g. petty, low-level and high with each having it’s own set of flags might be a better way than the currently suggested system.  Let me look at how I’d go about it:

  • Petty crimes:  Crimes against “insignificant” properties.  Things to which the claim of the capsuleer is indirect at best.  Discard cans, mission wrecks etc.  Flags only against the corp/player in question.
  • Low Crime:  Crimes against property solidly belonging to a capsuleer.  Ships, secure containers, POS towers.  In High-sec these result in a criminal flag, loss of sec status, CONCORD etc.  In low they result in a minor sec hit, if any, possibly gate gun aggro, but on a shorter GCC timer.  Unless of course the target is itself GCC or flashy red, in which case you can possibly recover sec status by shooting reds.
  • High Crimes:  Podding.  Lotsa sec loss, big time GCC, fast way to flashy red.

If a pilot gets shot at he should always, always, always be allowed to return fire.  Period.  It’s one thing to expand flags to a wider arena, from corp/personal to all for a period of time, it’s another to take a non-GCC flag and turn it into a lockdown on a pilot that dooms him to a helpless death for an action that frankly doesn’t harm the offended pilot to any great extent.  If a pilot wants to destroy a ship he should put a ship at equal risk.

I'm using it every time I can

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  1. Excellent post. Excellent points concerning the impact of miners upon the game, their longevity as players.

    CCP seems to think that if they make it harder to kill miners, they’ll stick around indefinitely. Mining is boring as fuck. Them not having to look over their shoulders will make it that much more boring.

  2. One idea behind the ‘Suspect’ concept I liked was that hi-sec’ers could help each other without necessarily being in the same corp – something low- and 0-sec’ers already have. It would reduce the need for CONCORD action, and given how risk-averse most hi-sec players are, not too many would follow the lure of the Suspect flag.

    Of course, having the suspect Player B not being able to shoot back at all, is a tremendously stupid idea (I know this situation far too well myself). On the contrary, I was actually briefly envisioning a scenario in which Players C-Z become ‘Suspect’ themselves for the act of shooting a Suspect, which could then escalate into a veritable bloodbath.

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