So you like Killmails

Killmails are one of the more interesting and unique facets of EvE.  Some people hate them and want them removed, other people love them and want to see more.  CCP is going all-in on improving them it seems.

The justification for it is that we need clear, universal statistics on PvP factions (corps or alliances) to evaluate them for consideration for mercenary contracts.

The consequences will be a bit broader.  First off CCP will have a centralized killboard system now.  I hope they let us mirror it to our own sites so we can decorate with banners, mods and such, but there are some changes that will be rather more far reaching.

First off RR will show up on killmails.  This will be a huge boon to those of us that fly logistics as it means that we will no longer watch our fleets wreck 3 billion isk in ships, then lose our scimi and show up with a 0% efficiency for the fight.  Not that I’m bitter.

Second this will finally bring killmails to a standard display format.  Now I’m not wild about the efficiency system, I think it’s an ok way to judge things but it reminds me of boxing scoring.  You get a 7, an 8, or a 9 and if the fight is over you might get a 10 (or a 4 if you kissed canvas to end it) and that’s the way alliances are scored.  A mediocre-to-poor alliance scores in the 60s, a great alliance might get into the 80s.

Now we will see at least some improved level of granularity.  I think filters will be a big priority.  Who cares if the mercs you are hiring killed 30 billion isk in haulers and hulks.  How do they fare in fights?  People will want to know and the tools will be developed to get them that information, either by CCP or, more likely, with the improved 3rd party tools CCP is apparently working on.

Maybe we will stop seeing 0 damage carrier lossmails now too.  Might be too much to hope for.

Another interesting change will be the likelihood that everyone’s kills will be automatically posted.  Some corps try to hide as much intel as possible, kills and losses both, to prevent people from knowing what to prepare for.  That will be gone.  With CCP likely auto-posting everything fairly quickly that will go away and fleet composition and fittings will be dissected for everyone (not as huge a change as it might have been a couple years ago)

One change I’d like to see addressed is the matter of having stake in a fight.  If someone in a reaper had happened upon the huge PL / FW fight and happened to get a shot in on the titan he’d have gotten in on the killmail.  Even assuming the smartbombs whacked his reaper he’s up something like 60 billion on the day.  However he didn’t put much at risk, and he didn’t contribute much to the actual fight.  Let’s put him in a drake.  He gets two or three shots off, beats the bottom 18 or so people then gets blapped.  Well he brought a bigger ship.  He certainly put more at risk than if he’d brought a reaper, but his contribution wasn’t nearly as big as the HICs and BS that he beat on damage.

I think the best system would be for CCP to run a rolling average of the price of each ship over a certain period.  Call it 30 days.  Your alliance brings a fleet with a dozen ships, 3 each from 4 corps.  All Drakes for now.  You kill an Abaddon worth 240 million.  Each pilot has an equal stake.  Everyone gets credited with 20 million towards his personal efficiency.  Each corp gets 60 towards theirs, and the alliance gets the full 240 million.  Now lets do MATH!  3 pilots brought scimis, all from the same corp, the rest are in drakes.  Let’s say a drake costs 50 million, and a scimi 150.  So total the fleet is worth 450m for the 9 drakes, and another 450m for the scimis.  Now if they kill the same Abaddon the Scimis each get 40 million in credit.  The Drakes each get 13.333 million, and the scimi corp gets credited with 120 million of the kill, the other 3 corps get 40 million each.

This represents the “stake” each side had in the battle, it rewards people who risk bigger and better ships in a mixed fleet, and keeps small corps from running up ridiculously high efficiencies when their contributions were negligible.  To use an example from last night:  I like Eric, he’s a great guy and I’m glad he’s finally getting some good kills.  He didn’t make or break that battle in his little retribution.  For him and Cercis in his Proteus to get the same boost to their killboards for that kill is a little bit silly.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. I see your Mach, raise you a CVA Chimera… killed by kitchen sink roam.
    #2 player damage dealer was a terribad pvper with no desire to improve, in a lolgankfit Thorax. He didn’t risk much, def not nearly as much as the t2 and faction ships on the mail, cause he’s apparently terribad… But he held point and did 2nd highest damage among players. So by your figuring, he should get less credit for not bringing a shiny ship…?
    I agree that logis play a HUGE role, and giving them credit is def a buff for them.
    Generally I fly scout or rearguard on larger ops and don’t get directly involved in the fighting… And last night we had guys out lighting cynos and keeping an eye on the outgates… VERY important roles in the success of the roam and whacking that carrier, but there’s no way to highlight their utility or give them “documentation” that they too “Were There” and contributed to that success as well.
    Hence why killboards are an inaccurate representation at best, and should, even if upgraded, be taken with a tablespoon of salt.
    Then again I’m perfectly happy being a “terrible pvper”. 😉

    • There probably needs to be some respect shown for damage, or even time on the field (all those crazy cloaky alts getting warpins for large fights) / time with aggression (people getting points and neuts) and it’s not really an indictment on the cheap ship, just an acknowledgement that you didn’t risk as much, and didn’t have as much at stake. You chose to risk less, as a consequence you get a lower relative benefit than people who chose a greater element of risk. Now you are right, you should be able to counterbalance that with performance, and it’s something that should be looked at, assuming CCP does anything along this line at all, but again I think that if you risk less, your potential rewards should be less.

      • Well, no offense but your way is far too easy to “game”… And owing to the hardcore “put up or shut up, results or GTFO” attitude people seem to like flagellating over, it SHOULD be solely about what you do or accomplish on the field, not how shiny or pimp your ship/fit is.
        Wanna reward logis? Simplest way best way: DPS dealers get “damage done”, logis should get “damage repaired” credit. Course I’m sure that’d be impossible to code without major rewrites… But again your “reward” should be linked to what you _ACTUALLY accomplish_ not just how shiny your fit is.
        Then again I’m a moron and terribad pvper so ymmv. lol

      • We’re dreaming here, screw simplest! Lets get the ivory tower built!

      • OOOHH ok, sorry, misunderstood the assignment, Teach. 😉

        Ok, so we’re dreaming.
        Let’s see…. KMs factor in who had the ship pointed, including DIC/HIC bubbles. Also references cyno-jumps in fleet and those who light a cyno for someone who bridged/jumped over and participated either with DPS or repping get “assist” credit.

        Also, FW gets a major buff with the addition of the pirate factions and DED into the “joinable” factions.

        And PvP in low and especially hisec actually has an effect on faction control and sec status!
        What if the Guristas took over Jita for a day?! >;-D

        I dunno. Reason I voted for Seleene in the election is because he has a lot of those same ideas, and not just the typical :CCP: :ooohcoolidea: “hehe we’ll release a half-finished feature :SoonTM:!” shit, but actually thought-out ideas that just need some implementation.

        “but again I think that if you risk less, your potential rewards should be less.”
        Ok, I’m on the “risk vs reward” page with you….but technically shouldn’t a much “shinier” or “pimped” ship be ABLE to do more DPS, neut more, rep more, etc? I think if you just allowed for repping, neuting/NOSing, pointing, etc to be factored into the “weight” equation vice pure DPS, it would settle itself out in the wash.

        For example, that Chimera kill I linked, even though I held point, and was #2 player damage dealer… is it “fair” that the Ishkur guy who was #8 on damage and did less than half of what I did, get “more” credit for the kill just because he was in an AF that hull cost alone was 3x my Rax??? In fact one could very well argue that the AF was “safer”, because in an engagement like that, he has far more chance of “escape” than my Rax does (the shitty CVA “bail out” fleet was a Cane, couple Draek!s, and a Harbi IIRC).
        Hell in the case you present an Interceptor _always_ would get more credit for kills than a T1 cruiser, and an AF would get just as much if not more than a T1 (non-tier3) BC…:-/

        Also, what does that do for groups like the Tuskers, who LIKE “up-engaging” and “doing more with less”? Your proposal encourages one-upmanship, shiny fleets (and we have enough of that problem as it is), which will of course lead to MORE risk-aversion and blobby fights… I like an respect ya Core, but I do NOT forsee your sort of solution turning out well “for the overall game” at all. :-/

  2. You have to factor in both ‘stake’ and ‘relative damage done’.

    If that little retri was holding a failfit mach down for 30 minutes, and had ended up doing 70% of total damage done before a much larger fleet swooped in and finished it in 30 seconds, most ‘points’ should go to the little retri.

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