Mittens and Bullying

The Mittani is one of the most clever people in EvE.  He seems to be the kind of person who can turn anything to his advantage.  I was too tired to blog this after we whelped a fleet last night and I was worried I’d get sniped by Ripard Teg, but I wasn’t.  HAH!

I already know how Mittens is going to turn this to his advantage because it’s already working.

He publicly fell on his sword.  He offered to sacrifice himself in a tremendously public and noble fashion.  10.7 Bill isn’t a ginormous amount of isk these days.  He can replace that.  Heck he can even replace The Mittani character pretty quickly.  The chair would be a lot harder, but right now he still has it.  He’s offered to resign.  He hasn’t done it yet, and currently bloggers are lining up to say why he should or shouldn’t do it.  Most of them are saying he shouldn’t.  I myself think that he shouldn’t.  And that’s part of why he is being SO public, and SO shame-faced.  He now has a clear mandate from the community to hold the chair.  Even people who didn’t vote for him have shown their support.

Now I want to take this on to another stage.  Mittens needs to work, and work hard to create a wall in EvE culture between things people NEED to HTFU about, and things that we, as a community need to be more sensitive about.  There’s a difference between griefing someone in-game and driving them to the brink of despair, or even driving them out of the game.  Yeah some people aren’t hard enough for the game, but deliberately targeting people just to see if you can force them to quit has no place in EvE.  If someone can’t handle the “drive by violence” of EvE, this may not be the game for them, but even tougher souls will quit if they spend their first three weeks routinely getting blasted in the belts.

There’s other things that could go in here, hate speech, rape speech.  We have a chairman who pays at least some attention to the players, and who wants to make the game greater.  I think one way to do this that I will put money on CCP paying attention to is calling on the community he directly controls (goons) to curb activities that hurt others and don’t provide benefit to the game.

Also:  Brendan Drain is another person I constantly wonder how he has a job.  There’s better EvE writing on half the blogs in the community.  I am not a huge Mittani fan myself, but having a hatchet job go up like that on a very publicly-facing website with content for all MMOs makes EvE players look like buffoons.  Especially when they find out that in our highly-touted public elections he got the highest vote total ever, with more than 10,000 votes.

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  1. Mittens apparently felt he wasn’t getting enough attention lately… Now he has plenty. Ego and attention-seeking sated for now, only question is what’s next when he decides his adoring public isnt as adoring as he thinks they should be…

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