And so it Goes ***EDIT***

***NINJA EDIT*** Mittens has been removed from CSM 7 by CCP Games.

I’m never going to Jita again.

My first blog since I found out I’m in the blog pack and a bomb drops.

Mittani resigned today.

I think the reasons he gives are good reasons.  I think some of them are questionable.  I think some of them are out and out debatable, I don’t think a single one is demonstrably wrong.  I don’t think they are the real reasons.

He has what he wants from CCP.  He has what he wants from the CSM chair position.  He has what he wants from the playerbase.

He even alludes to this in his resignation letter:

 I am convinced that most of the hard work of the CSM is already done – CCP is now focusing on spaceships instead of avatars, and the success of CSM6 has led to a solid and competent crop of player representatives in CSM7

Now he can focus on goons.  If you don’t like Goonswarm or they don’t like you, you had better hold onto your ass.  I think he’s about to go up to the line on what is permitted behavior and find every single inch of that line.  Quite likely his minions will flood over it.

He then goes on to say this:

 if I continue to hold the title of Chairman, CCP will be enduring one PR nightmare after another as Goonswarm’s in-game actions unfairly reflect back upon the CSM as a whole through the Chairman title.

He must not have watched the same keynote presentation I saw from the marketing head of CCP.  I saw the guy talk on and on and on about how great the cutthroat action of EvE Online is.  The saying “There’s no such thing as bad press” was the message throughout the presentation.  If he wants to generate good press he can do all the griefing he wants and at the same time call upon people in EvE to cut out garbage that has no place in the game.  He can cut out the out of game harassment, the EULA-pushing culture and the I’m a bigger jerk than you are” attitude that spawned his rash speech.  He can call on players, leaders, and CCP to push a better definition of some of the vague terms and enforcement of the EULA that exists.  Spamming local is supposed to be an offense, yet it happens all the time.  Hate speech, harassment, threats are issued, sometimes they are punished, sometimes they aren’t and GM enforcement can be very uneven.  I’ve been given a short ban for something that wouldn’t be considered a threat by any reasonable person and I’ve seen very specific out of game threats go completely ignored.

The Mittani has the power to change this culture, and to do it across EvE.  He can still do the interdiction, the Jita Hellcamp and the scams, and at the same time show that there’s a line.  There’s things that are legitimate in-game activities and there’s things that aren’t.  He can show how sincere he is about helping CCPs image by committing himself to helping stop those things that aren’t.

As a final thought:  What will CCP do about all this.  I still haven’t heard what their decision is regarding this whole incident.

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  1. Is it bad that I read that thread (well 1st page anyway) and lol’d??

  2. Yeah, Darius was the source of my lols too… then I read the next page of “O Captain, My Captain” bullshit, gagged, and clicked away.

    Hey while you’re ninja-editing might wanna remove that last line: “As a final thought: What will CCP do about all this. I still haven’t heard what their decision is regarding this whole incident.”
    ^^ since, you know, now you know. lol

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