Titans vs. Tristans

According to @ccp_Diagoras there are 741 Active Titan Pilots.

There are a few hundred thousand pilots who can fly Frigates.  I have a real life friend who used to play under the name BrenDIESEL.  For most of the time he played we shared an apartment so getting him online was a matter of throwing something down the hall to wake him up.  He loved the Gallente ships, and he still does.  His favorite is the Tristan.  Again literally hundreds of thousands of pilots can fly it.  It is one of the two Tier 3 frigates for the Gallente race and the base hull for the Nemesis stealth bomber as well as one of the most fun ship models in EvE.

A change to the Tristan would affect all of EvE.  A change to Titans affects first the 741, second the tens of thousands in their alliances, and third, the people that they occasionally harass.  Hi PL.

Yet thousands of posts are made about every little thought of changing titans.  Nerf scanres?  Too harsh, put it off!  Rifters tackling Titans?  Lemme quote Ripard Teg

It comes down to risk.  Seleene doesn’t come right out and say he feels the same way in the podcast, but he does.  When I specifically asked during the CSM campaigning “should fleets of Rifters be able to tackle titans?”, his answer was:

“No.  Because of No.”

Keep that in mind, because that’s why the “high warp strength” proposals that you see bandied about to replace super-cap mid-slot e-war immunity will neverget anywhere.  If you don’t own a titan, a “fleet of a thousand Rifters” catching, tackling, and holding down a titan sounds awesome.  It sounds like a news story that would make the gaming news websites and be something that EVE players would talk about and dream about happening to them.

This sets a very high bar for killing Titans.  Especially in lowsec.  It took 10 Devoters to pin down the PL titan that got wrecked by the militia.  Ten.  Five got shot down.  If the titan had any kind of a tank he’d still be flying it probably because he wouldn’t have been tackled much longer.  Deploying a titan, especially in lowsec, takes very little planning and can bring an enormous force multiplier into the area.  Bringing one down takes immense planning and investment of resources.  Making titans capable of wreaking havoc with near-immunity might make them popular, but it’s disheartening for others.  What is the Titan’s achilles heel?  What do they live in fear of?  Other than pilot stupidity.  A fleet of 300+ isn’t a vulnerability.  Especially when specialist ships are absolutely required to pin it down and it (or one of it’s 15 or 20 buddies likely to show up) can just blap the support.

Let’s go back to the Tristan.  Diesel left the game because he got into a Nemesis, tried to fit it and realized it was completely worthless he wanted to do wormholes and found that his favorite race really didn’t have much they could bring that would let him solo.  Ishtars are drone dependent and have to move to keep their tank going well.  Myrmidons do less damage, but at least they can stay stationary and tank C1s with 3 sentries or flights of lights.  Nemesis?  Please.  Sleepers look at it funny and it blows up.  Tristan?  Name anything a base T1 frigate can do in  a wormhole.  Maybe it wasn’t the most mature reaction and maybe something else would have kicked him, but those issues affect FAR more people than a titan change.

Titans will get a look.  There will be another balance pass.  There’s too much press and too much publicity.  There’s a pass on the horizon for all ships, in theory at least, with the new “role based” ship system replacing the old “tiered” system.  Will frigates get a role beyond “Find todays’ sphincter?” or will they continue to be the useless appendage of WH space.  Will Gallente get a boat 1/3 as useful as the DRAEK for lower class wormholes?  Will the Caldari get a non-ecm boat that isn’t named “Drake” that can stand on the field with anything from another race?  Will the Amarr get a tech 1 ship smaller than a BC that can participate in fleet fights?  Or even a BC half as versatile as the Drake or Hurricane?

There’s a lot more pressing questions for EvE and for the community at large than the Titans.  I’m sure they need a pass.  I’m sure they are deeply flawed.  I know this because I’ve read pages and pages of tears until I don’t care about it any more.  I know I don’t care much about it.  I know it doesn’t affect me in my day-to-day play in the slightest.  I know this because I’ve seen one in the last 2 years and that was because I was zipping around in a pod after losing my pilgrim to an ambush.

Making the fat man a fun ship again?  That would affect me.  Making Frigates viable in low sec and wormholes?  Awesome.  They don’t have to be OP.  They have to contribute.  I know this because I have them in my hangar.

I'm using it every time I can



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  1. Old eve players don’t play the game, they play the idea of the game. Titans define the strategic pecking order of players in the game and thus is hugely important, while tristans have little strategic implications either way and who cares? If you want to “win the game forever”, the latter isn’t worth attention at all.

  2. We’ve run anoms in a C6 Wolf-Rayet with armour Assault Frigs and logi.

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