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The Mittani had an interesting post on his “Sins of a Solar Spymaster” where he talks about the difference between “EvE Born” and “Community Born” players.  I think it rather simplifies things as most EvE players seem to have been referred to the game by one or more of their friends.  Even in the woefully underprepared Radikus Industries corporation nearly everyone had been brought in by someone else.

This is quibbling.  It’s a matter of degrees.  Goonswarm has the knowledge, infrastructure and time to completely prepare it’s newly-cloned minions for mayhem and destruction.  Other corps and alliances have their own resources.  To succeed in a major alliance the road to success is usually fairly well marked.  Smaller corps and alliances may pride themselves on being self-taught, innovative, independent and tough-as-nails but then spend an often disproportionate amount of time dealing with people who need to “get their shit together”

Getting involved in a “PvP first” corp/alliance requires some basic capabilities and a little know-how

  1. Making Money.  Very few people I know make money on their main PvP toon.  Players need some way to make money that isn’t tied to their main.  Especially in lowsec or a wardec corp.
  2. Voice Comms:  Get.  On.  Comms.  FFS.
  3. Forums/EvEmail/Calendar/SOMETHING:  Have a way that you can be reached that isn’t tied to you logging into EvE.  The bat-signal is not efficient.  Planning ops is a lot easier when all the leaders know how to contact their minions and it bugs the crap out of me when people log in 10 minutes before a pre-planned up asking “where’s the pary” when there’s a forum thread and 5 evemails already out.
  4. Be Proactive:  Realize that you won’t know weeks ahead about every fight that happens.  Take steps to get ships into your area of operations BEFORE operations, not during.  Most corps/alliances post fits somewhere that you are encouraged to fly.  If they don’t, ask.  If you can’t fly them, get training.  Bringing the right ships to a fight is awesome.  A couple failfits may not make a big difference.  Bringing a dozen or so
  5. Be Active:  Join in roams, be available for quick fights.  Not playing is as addictive as playing in EvE.  If you play more you have more fun.  If you play less you are less likely to be around for the fun stuff that keeps you playing.
  6. Be Bold:  Big fights happen because of people taking risks with their ships.  My first cap kill only happened because a lone drake pilot managed to tackle the archon and tank the hostile fleet while the rest of us got through a system, into the wormhole and started removing DPS from the field.

There’s more risk in a corp with less resources.  Goons could lose all their nullsec holdings and still have immense resources to fall back on.  Heck look at the shopping list for -A-‘s little excursion.  Carrier, coupla T3s, “Banana / Banana support” which may include a T2 or T3 cruiser, a Hellcat, roaming ships.  That’s 3-4 bill plus for each and every pilot in -A- deploying.  Ok so some don’t have carriers that drops it to around 2 bill.  Maybe 3 if they bring another T3 and some shinies.  They have that kind of resources.

For those of us not running corps in major AAA-caliber alliances:  We don’t need that level of capability.  Look on the forums.  Be ready with what’s posted.  Ask questions if you are unsure what’s going on.  It isn’t that hard to have fun in this game when people are active and engaged.  It is endlessly frustrating when players are disinterested and not prepared.

I'm using it every time I can


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  1. #2. NO. lol I really don’t care to sit in a lobby listening to dead air or some dude blabbing on bout what he did to his imaginary gf last night… If something comes up, post in Corp, alliance, or whatever channel as appropriate and people can sign on comms while fleeting up, etc. 😉 But listening to some dude mouth breathe all night? No.

    • Hell 4 nights out of 5 I tell my guys “I’m listening to music in the directors room. Pull me if something important comes up” but that is 10x faster than hoping people will notice stuff in corp or alliance, THEN log into voice, THEN find the right room and not immediately ask “Hey guys what’s goin on” when the FC is trying to tell people just that.

  2. You touched on an interesting point here. “Very few people I know make money on their main PvP toon”. I’m kind of a purest in this respect: players really shouldn’t need an alt to make isk. You end up having one toon that takes all the risk (PVP) and one toon that takes none of the risk (PVE). That behavior, on the outside perspective, looks like a bunch of carebears in hi-sec running missions and incursions vs elite sov dwellers who seem to have endless resources. Also, it means that to be successful in PVP, you need to have atleast two subscriptions with many overlapping skills (or one subscription if one of the toons is mature enough). It sort of breaks immersion to think that a pilot can not be self sufficient.

    • That’s just not correct. While many people do keep an incursion character in highsec etc, I would say most nullsec grunts just rat or plex with their main.

      Also @OP:

      There’s a difference between having a few friends being invited and brought into the game by friends and a large somewhat inexhaustible source of people with a similar culture and attitude waiting to be lured into EVE Online. That’s what Mittens was getting at.

      • Quick from my phone – The resources the group has. Small groups aren’t giving away fully fit ships and may or may not have people around to offer help to the extent a huge group like goons do.

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