Some Real Morons out There.

Really.  Some days the EvE Community hits rock bottom, starts to dig and doesn’t stop until fiery lava consumes it.

I’ve pilloried The Mittani for the way he has handled things around his actions at Fanfest.  It was uncalled for then and his responses to his ban have more or less completely watered down his apologies.  Then he goes on EvE Radio to talk up his side of things.  We get it.  He’s a popular guy who likes attention.  Someone puts up his real life address.  Ugggggghhhhhh.  Completely uncalled for and improper.

EvE being EvE, someone has to top it.  So of course someone threatens to rape The Mittani’s Wife.


I can’t even begin to guess at all the things that are wrong with that, being an outspoken player in the war against Rape and Sexism I’ll take a swing at it though.

  1. NO ONE and I mean NO ONE deserves to be raped.  Period.
  2. Raping Mittani’s wife hurts her far worse than it hurts Mittani.  She never did anything and wasn’t even part of the conversation before.
  3. What did Mittani do?  Threaten someone in real life in an annoying fashion.  What did the anonymous guy do?  Make a really creepy and scary threat to someone.
  4. I don’t think that 2 wrongs NEVER make a right.  I do think that there are VERY few cases.  Period.  This ain’t one of them.
  5. Any punishments should go at Mittani.  Not his wife, not his car, not his dog.
  6. Threats aren’t funny.  They aren’t cute.  They are one reason I approve all comments on my blog.

That’s off the top of my head.  Seriously people.  Grow the fuck up.  The Mittani may trail slime when he slithers, but Alex Gianturco does NOT deserve to be harassed.  His wife does NOT deserve to be harassed.  He made a mistake.  He is being punished.  Drive on.

I'm using it every time I can


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An Eve playing Fool who occasionally writes about the shenanigans he and his minions get up to.

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  1. I completely agree, Corelin. CCP really needs to crack down on this kinda shit instead of fostering it. My sympathies go out to Alex and his wife (inspite of my feelings about the other circumstances).

  2. Wow. Just wow. Why would someone …?? Heh. People.

  3. I don’t condone in any way that most covardly act of threatening a REAL human being, which IMHO should have also REAL consequences beyond the game (I don’t know which laws should apply, but a serious threat like that one should be managed by law enforcement, not by CCP). Anyway, there is an old spanish adage: “quien siembra vientos recoge tempestades”. According to google, the english version is “Who sows the wind reaps the whirlwind”. Mr. Gianturco has pissed off thousands of people, and by pure statistics, there will be some “victims” who are even more sociophatic than Mittens himself.

  4. Ok this is OT but I HAVE to ask cause it’s bugging the shit out of me: at the very end of every post it says “I’m using it every time I can.” using WHAT????? *sofuckinglost*

  5. Response to this is simple: Track IP. Permaban. Turn issue with all pertinent evidence over to local and federal authorities. This is a criminal threat and act and should be treated (and prosecuted) as such.

  6. @ Hong: He’s referring to his sig – Slim Pickens ridin’ the Archon

  7. Thanks for writing this. I constantly see *things* like this written to attack people on the internet just to score an emotional point. It’s not appropriate and more of us need to make a stink when it happens.

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