EvE’s future powers

Last night I looked at what formed the big powers in EvE today.  Today I am going to look to their downfall.  These alliances live and die in the metagame.  Much if not most of their activity is out of EvE.  They are nearly invincible within the game because the ties that bind them can’t be found in the game.  Even if Goonswarm got disbanded, the alliance would reform quickly and efficiently.  If they lost their sov… again… for the however many times they have, they would take it somewhere else.  The Russians will do this as well, anyone thinking RA is done is kidding himself.  What will ultimately kill them is meta-game factors.  Goons might find something else they love to do and just stop logging in, RA the same.  RMT issues might kill them if it is serious enough.

I see Goons staggering along in one incarnation or another until EvE shuts down its’ servers.  Ditto for RA.  I don’t know how much longer they will be the powers they are (or were recently.)  I think Goons will continue to be a power precisely as long as they have leadership.  They are a fractious group and Mittani has been absolutely masterful keeping himself A) in power and B) Relevant to the game.  He leads the Goons in name and in fact, keeping the FCs happy and productive, ditto the industrialists etc.  He’s been a powerhouse for the alliance.  His departure probably wouldn’t break Goons, but it would hurt.

RA leadership has always had this cabalistic clique atmosphere to them.  Hooded figures in dark, smokey rooms speaking strange languages.  In reality I doubt it’s that way, but while their are some very prestigious heads to them, the lieutenants also run a lot, and have done it well for a long time.  Even in defeat they keep up a good front and maintain their discipline.  Still the meta game will wear on them and eventually I see multi-community groups coming to the fore.  With information getting ever-easier to find I see specialists like Rooks & Kings, Aperture Harmonics, and Pandemic Legion becoming more and more important as like-minded individuals find themselves having an easier and easier time finding and vetting qualified applicants.  Alliances are built on shared activities and coalitions/nap fests are built around corps and alliances that compliment each other.  Specialists doing their key task attacking the weak spots of the more generalized (and less focused) “nations” that inhabit EvE now.

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